How To Optimize Your Amazon Business Outcome With A/B Testing Methods?

Amazon Business

If you want to improve the performance of your Amazon business, check out the A/B testing methods and see how you can apply them right away!

According to a 2021 report, Amazon is ranked the number one e-commerce platform, attracting more than 5.2 billion visits per month. This number alone is enough to demonstrate how profitable an Amazon business can potentially be should it employ suitable marketing methods.

This is when the A/B testing tools come into use. The A/B testing methods give your Amazon store the much-needed push to increase click-through and conversion rate, and consequently, boost your profits.

Are you interested in learning how? Let’s have a look at this article!

A/B Testing: Everything You Need To Know


Also known as split testing, A/B testing is a marketing procedure in which two (or more) versions of an element (banners, emails, websites, etc.) are displayed in a predetermined situation to compare and contrast the effectiveness. Using business metrics collected throughout the testing, which version is data-backed as more efficient will be labeled as “winner.”

Why is A/B testing necessary for e-commerce?

There are two main ways for an e-commerce seller to earn more money – to attract more customers or raise the conversion rate from the already available customers. While the former is more challenging and expensive, A/B testing allows you to do the latter at a reasonable cost and through a relatively straightforward process with A/B testing tools.

Amazon Business

What is qualified for A/B testing in e-commerce?

Anything designed to reach your target audience and convince them to purchase your product is suitable for A/B testing methods. Below are a few variables that match the criteria.

  • Copy: Copy is the written information that appeals to customers. It can be the description of your products, the headline of your website, or the content of your auto-messages.
  • Layout: How you arrange the landing page is a crucial factor to satisfy users and gear them towards your products. Images, videos, text blocks, tags, etc., should be tested to see which interface is the best for customers.
  • Navigation: This is a series of bars and arrows that spread from the parent page (or the homepage) to other pages on your website. Optimized navigation ensures potential customers are led to the payment page effortlessly.
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How Your Amazon Store Can Benefit From A/B Testing

First off, A/B testing enables Amazon stores to experience different UI/UX, from the visual used to draw customers’ attention to the content that describes each product. So, instead of struggling to understand customers’ insights, A/B testing provides valuable data that help business owners optimize their strategies.

 For example, which type of copy can spark interest among aloof customers? How do customers want the payment page to be arranged? Do customers prefer buying products with candid reviews or products advertised by celebrities? All of these questions can be properly addressed with the assistance of A/B testing tools.

From there, business owners can adjust their Amazon store in accordance with the taste of customers. Cart abandonment rate is likely to drop off if most buyers feel like they are being heard, while click-through and conversion rate can significantly go up. It is a win-win situation for Amazon sellers!

Even better? This process can minimize the risks of modifications should you decide to implement a new variable. Have you ever tried to redesign your Amazon page to optimize your existing traffic but ended up losing more customers? A/B testing is here to handle it all. Before making any change to the website, put the old and the new version in an A/B test and see whether the latter outperforms the former.

How To Apply A/B Testing To Amazon Store

Amazon Business

On a personal website, A/B testing will be conducted by channeling a section of customers to one version and another to a different version. Email marketing, Facebook Ads, or other software can lead the existing traffic in the direction you wish at the same time.

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However, Amazon does not allow more than one version of a retail store to be run simultaneously. So you have to come up with other options that do not tamper with Amazon’s policies and still make sure that your A/B testing is run smoothly.

Manual rotation

As the name already indicates, the most basic approach to Amazon A/B testing is to apply one version over a set period. Once the testing period is over, switch to the other version for a similar time frame. Continue to do so until you have experimented with all available versions, and compare the gathered data.

Manual rotation is easily the cheapest way to do A/B testing on Amazon. Still, it is way too time-consuming if your business needs urgent changes.

Manage Your Experiment tools

If you are a brand-registered seller, then you can run different versions of your listings on Amazon with the help of this incredible tool. All you need to do is submit at least two versions ready for testing and let Amazon do the job.

Outsourced agency

Hiring the A/B testing service from marketing agencies may sound a bit excessive. However, it does pay off in the long run, especially if you are unfamiliar with the procedure.

Most agencies have a specialized team that offers the whole package: from designing different versions of the element you wish to change to running tests and garnering statistics, so you do not have to worry a bit about optimizing your Amazon store.


Now that you have learned about the ins and outs of A/B testing tools, we hope you will soon apply this knowledge to your Amazon seller’s profile. Further information can be obtained at – the leading agency to upgrade your online business. Do not forget to check it out!

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