How to Schedule on Instagram Live for More Views?

Instagram Live

In 2021, Instagram, along with many exceptional features, allowed its users to go live. Initially, this option was available for business account holders only. But with an increase in the user community, Instagram thus expanded this option to personal accounts too.

As the innovation made its way, it has proved to be so beneficial in the race Likes Geek to get more Instagram appreciation. The views a person gets on the live session are extremely important for the overall health of the account.

In this way. Keeping in view the necessity to gain more live views, there are a few ways you can adopt to schedule on Instagram live for more views.

Schedule on Instagram Live

To start with, you must first create a schedule on Instagram live. To do so, you can go to the “Your Story” option, and navigate, from the news story, the option to go live. Once tapped, make sure that you have allowed the screen to visualize the features already.

Instagram Live

Once done, try to navigate the calendar option, which will help you schedule your life on Instagram. Tap on the calendar and you will be asked for details about your relevant life. Start adding details. You can add:

  • A title
  • The date to go live
  • The time to go live
  • A description of your title, if you want to

Usually, people avoid the description portion, as it may seem a bit unimportant. But if you are dealing with multiple lives on a single day, this description section will help your followers to know about the topic.

 It will further help to differentiate between the multiple lives you are dealing with.

Share your Instagram live in your Feed

You gather top Instagram views, you must first make people aware of your Instagram live. There are enormous ways to accomplish that. One of them is sharing your Instagram live as a post. You can do that using two alternative ways:

  1. When             you have just planned an Instagram live, it will appear as an option just beneath your “bio section” on your Instagram profile. You should simply tap this choice.It will lead you to the subtleties of your arranged “life”. Once found, go to the option and try to find the “Share as Post” option. Tap it, and your planned live session will be shared as your feed.
  2. While you are updating your calendar for an Instagram live session, just    before uploading it, you can tap the option to share that session as a post too. It will add the live session to the calendar and the feed simultaneously.

Add reminders

When you are sharing your live session’s details in your Instagram feed, you can add reminders to it. It will help your viewers and followers to know about the session beforehand. This in turn will help you attract as increase views as you can. You can add the reminders like this

Instagram Live

  • Go to your Instagram live schedule, the icon that has appeared below your bio section. Tap it.
  • When the screen showing the notification “Your Live Video is scheduled” appears, you can tap the options to amend it. Tap the “share as post option”
  • You will not be able to add videos but images. So try to add a few images that depict your Instagram live.
  • After that, write a relevant caption for the post, a descriptive one.
  • Before posting, you can add a reminder to the post. Once you have added the relevant details about the date and time, Instagram will automatically add them to your post for the feed. It will appear as a blue icon at the bottom of the post.

Once you have added the reminder, Instagram will automatically send notifications to make your followers remember your Instagram live. It will be a day before the scheduled session and 15 minutes before the starting time. In this way, Instagram reminders help you attract views proactively.

likShare your Instagram live in DMs

Once you have successfully planned an Instagram live and added the reminder, you can share them in the dm of your followers. A simple and impressive way to do it is by adding stickers.

You can add a “live” sticker, or a countdown sticker, either way, try to create an impressive text for the dm, which helps you grab the attention of the followers you have. Making them aware of your live session before it is started is of utmost importance, so try notifying them in their DMs too.