Hunt: Showdown now has dual wielding and a single player mode

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Hunt: Showdown reddit just received a major update in the form of 1.4.1, adding double-handed weapon and a single-player trial mode. Free from the danger of other players, you can now cycle through both maps by completing challenges and, if you wish, simply enjoying the serenity.

There are 15 tests and they come in three varieties: parkour tests test your ability to move fluently, sniper tests that involve shooting at targets from great distances, and wave tests are basically a horde mode. It’s good news for newcomers hoping to learn the game without the constant threat of dying, but there are rewards and unlockables for veterans. Crytek writes that more tests will be implemented in the next updates.

As for the double grip, 13 pistol models are supported, and you can mix normal and legendary, although the models must always be the same. The skill is not limited to range and it is not an unlockable trait, so anyone can jump and hold two weapons at once.

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The full update notes are here and they also include a long list of bug fixes and tweaks. An example of the latter: the ammo capacity for 12 weapons has been improved and new Legendary weapons are available in the shop.

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