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The same type of Pranks today have become so alike and familiar, that it’s not even worth doing anymore. Why do so many pranksters fail to switch things up, you might ask? The truth is being creative and conceiving your own prank ideas just isn’t that easy.

One of the most well-known practical jokes of all time is prank calling. This harmless prank still hasn’t gone out of style despite numerous newer pranks arriving on the scene.

While you may probably have a set-up already in place for your prank calls, it never hurts to have a few more lines and strategies up your sleeve ready just in case things don’t go as expected.

If you want to take your prank calling game to the next level, check out these improv tips.

Lead By Talking More

Prank calls require you to be somewhat of a chatterbox, as it’s a good way of staying in control and setting the tempo during conversations. You also have to remember that keeping your recipient’s attention is essential incase they hang up, and by doing most of the talking you’re doing just that.

If you suddenly find yourself in a situation where they’re attempting to talk over you, prepare some catch phrases you can retort with. Counteracting someone with jaw-dropping, unpredictable lines will often confuse and dumbfound them.

If you’ve ever come across an OwnagePranks prank call online via their youtube channel or pranks app, characters generally have their own catch-phrases. Good examples are Buk Lau saying ‘someeebooodiee’ or Juan rambling in spanish.

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Keep it Flowing

One thing to remember about prank calls is that you should be fast on your feet and always up to the challenge. You won’t always have the best set-lines to make a quick comeback with, so you have to remain spontaneous.

Being spontaneous should be something that occurs naturally and without much thought, so it’s important to remain calm and collected before you make a prank call.

Work with your victim by bouncing and building off their responses, and continue to bombard them with questions and unnecessary thoughts. These tactics will all help create even more hilarious scenes as you go along.

There are so many areas to work on, you just have to to practice! Your imagination is key and should be limitless, as it will be that to carry you through the call.

Recognizing Patterns

More often than not, prank call victims will repeat what they have to say. As a master prankster, you have to be able to recognize and understand these patterns.

When you’re pranking someone, using their responses against them by asking unnecessary questions related to what they’re repeating is hilariously beneficial.

For example, you can prank someone into thinking they’ve won a pig farm. When they insist that they’re not interested, ask them why they don’t like pigs, and tell a sob story which leads to them being portrayed as a pig hater. Continue to drag the topic out, making it even more annoying for them and funnier for you.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Even though practising improvisation may sound counter intuitive, it’s still a skill that needs mastering. And like anything in life, the only way to become the very best is to first become better.

You may fail horribly on your first, second or even tenth prank call attempt. And since prank calls are so fast paced, it can be easy to make multiple mistakes during a call, like saying the wrong response and losing control of the conversation. However it’s essential to keep practicing since you learn a little more with each experience.

Remember it’s best to stay loose and relaxed everytime, since being tense will just freeze you up! Take your time and be patient during the call, but don’t be too relaxed either since you should still be on your toes.

Learn from the Pros

Some people learn how to play the guitar from Youtube, while others take online courses to learn a new skill. Whatever it is, ideally you should learn from the best in order to widen your improv skills.

As an example, there are amazing prank call videos on Youtube that exemplify how to do a smooth prank call using many of the tips mentioned above and more!

You can also check out prank podcasts through online streaming platforms that you could derive new ideas from and prank apps from.  And as previously mentioned, the OwnagePranks app is a good example of how well prank calls are scripted.

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