Interview: Dr. Disrespect Talks About His Twitch Ban, The Rumors, And His Future

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Three weeks ago, Twitch banned Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm, one of its platform’s biggest streamers. The period of silence that followed his ban, from Dr. Disrespect, Twitch herself, and inmates claiming to know the real reason he was kicked out, only made that situation weirder, and in that information vacuum, speculations and theories as to why they have run rampant on social media.


Earlier this week, Beahm’s publicist contacted PC Gamer to offer an interview with Beahm. From the beginning, it was clear that we would probably get little information about what actually happened, but it was an opportunity to officially ask Beahm about the many rumors surrounding his banning and what the performer plans next. Since there is so much speculation, and reports from industry insiders like Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau that Beahm’s ban was allegedly handled outside of Twitch’s usual protocol, “implying an issue related to law enforcement or the security “, we have decided to publish this interview as it happened with only minor edits made for clarity and readability.

Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm: Sure. I mean, well, a lot of things, obviously. You know, while it’s a shame it’s not on Twitch, we’re definitely working behind the scenes on what a return of a Dr. would look like. In terms of the specifics on that, we’re not interested in the exclusive right now. We’re exploring our options and honestly can’t wait to get back to character anytime soon. We have a lot to do and I will be where the fans want him to be. And, you know, that has been our focus.

When you say you are not interested in an exclusive, can you clarify it?

Champions Club

Well, let’s say all the cards are on the table. I’m more focused on making sure that what we do next, whether it’s a platform move or not, is the right decision for the community and the Champions Club that follows me. And that makes sense for what I want to continue to accomplish with this character in terms of taking things to the next level, and whether it’s on or off stream. So it’s just being aware of that decision.

Given the connection you have with his audience and how important he is, I’m sure you can appreciate that there has been a lot of concern and concern over the past few weeks. Why didn’t you just tell people an update, just to say ‘hi’, even if you didn’t have anything really concrete to say?

Well, to be honest, it’s okay, so we got the news, you know, it was just … it was completely … it was a total shock. Imagine going to work one day and the door is closed and you can’t get in and you’ve been told you were fired and they didn’t give you a reason why, you know? So for me, it was just an initial shock. The way I found out too, it was on a friend’s stream, and some of the features started to shut down while I was chatting and everything, and then all of a sudden social media blew up. I got the call with my team and after a short email it was all over. At that particular moment, I was more like a little shocked, like, what just happened, you know? And both my wife and I think, what’s going on?

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So, in the beginning, that’s how things happened. And then from there, you’re digesting it. You still don’t get any response. So that’s why I had … I wouldn’t have known what to say, you know? We post a tweet, our statement, and that’s where things are.


I understand that you also have to consider many business deals, such as the TV show you are working on with Skybound. I imagine it is scary to be in this position where your main platform has been ripped out from under you.

Yes, I mean, obviously there are a lot of those things that, in terms of thinking, yes, all of that is going through your mind. For me, it was pretty difficult just … I had to get off social media. I mean, just to see all the speculations and theories, things that my name has been surrounded by. And it was really heartbreaking to see it to a point because we’ve worked so hard to get to this point. But, you know, we are ready to go. We are excited to take the next steps. And I’m really focused on the community for now. We have a lot of fun things planned, a lot of projects that are in the works, and yes, keep going honey.

And did Twitch just cut off contact with you? Have you ever been given a reason for the ban?


That seems crazy to me. Banning one of their most famous and popular streamers and then not even telling them what they did wrong?

Yeah, that’s the awesome kind of thing about all of this. Obviously for legal advice I have to be careful here. But I can say, though, that I’m not going back to Twitch, so, I mean, that’s it.


Disrespect and who he is, I think my answer would be to go out on social media and scream from the rooftops and say, hey , this is really unfair. I’m curious why you haven’t done that.

Well, I mean, I’m trying to take the best and most appropriate steps possible, and there are things behind the scenes in terms from a legal standpoint that, you know, I can’t … that’s where it is. . So I don’t want to go on social media and say the wrong thing or the right thing, or whatever, and, like, we made our statement. And that’s where, you know, that’s where things are now. As we build this game plan to make this Doc return, it’s still in the works in terms of what the vision looks like. I’m working with my creative team, the graphics, going and taking the entire Doc 3.0 experience to the next level, and that’s where my focus is now.

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So can you confirm that legal action is taking place? Are you taking legal action against Twitch?

We are considering taking legal action.

When do you think you could have, if ever, a definitive answer as to why you were banned?

Honestly, we just don’t know.

Dr. Disrespect is a very controversial character and I don’t need to tell you that. It is almost integrated into who he is as a person. Do you think Twitch singled you out because maybe they felt you were too controversial for their platform?


Sincerely I dont know. You know, I have been very transparent with those around me and with my community for the past few years. I am not a perfect person, I have made some mistakes. But if someone knows me, they follow me, I’ve stepped up and taken full responsibility every time, and behind the scenes, behind the curtains, a lot of people don’t understand how much work I’ve put in. in becoming a better person for myself and my family, as well as for the business. I am committed to investing, being and staying a better person, and investing in creative projects around Doc. My focus now is to continue the momentum and get back in my chair, hang out with the Champions Club and launch a couple of experiences. fun and creative. Yes, and that’s where we are.

So once you get out of the broadcast studio you just flip a switch and all of a sudden that doesn’t matter so much to you anymore.

Until a certain point. I think this is a different case because you know, you’re talking about career here, you’re talking about finance, you’re talking about, like, vision and projects that are temporarily on hold until we figure things out behind the scenes. And you’re talking about possible legal action, and it’s like, okay, you know?

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