Introducing “The World’s First Fan-Owned Entertainment Company”

entertainment company

This past year, the Registration passed Title IV from the JOBS Act, allowing non-accredited investors (i.e., individuals who don’t call Wall St. their house) to purchase small companies, which, particularly, is altering the landscape for crowdfunded ventures.Under Title IV, equity crowdfunding has opened up a brand new lane for startups: Rather of just setting up money to back a task on, say, Kickstarter, anyone else holds stock in the organization-and Paul Scanlan and Shaun Annison are broadening the scope even more using their new entertainment studio Legion M.

Chief executive officer

High-profile content creators across film, TV, animation, and comics publish projects they working to the Legion M site and fan can pick to back the organization, not just gaining an economic stake within the projects after they visit market, however a voice within the creative process, too.“They’re not only an economic investor-we’re opening the gates of Hollywood to permit them in,” states Scanlan, Chief executive officer and co-founding father of Legion M. “And whenever we bring [projects] to promote, our goal is we have a fanbase that’s already financially and emotionally committed to [them]-that will help us make certain that [they’re] effective.”

Legion M’s current roster of creatives includes Seth Eco-friendly and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (creators of Robot Chicken), Meltdown Comic’s Gaston Dominguez-Letelier, and alternative reality gaming company 42 Entertainment. Fans can produce a non-binding reservation now to purchase Legion M when its slate is announced-tentatively, sometime this summer time.

Wrest creative

Legion M is billing itself as “the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company,” however it remains determined just how much the fans will really own within the creative sense.An engagement platform is presently in development to assist manage Legion M’s users list, which Scanlan is dubbing “investor relations on steroids.”

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Shaun Annison

“There is going to be an authenticated application and web interface where we are supplying ongoing details and insights around the projects, including behind-the-scenes looks, live streams in the set, conference calls/WebEx conferences with celebrity talent, advance examines approaching content, polling on topics associated with the organization, invitations to shareholder occasions, plus much more,” Scanlan states.An excellent plan theoretically, but opening a portal for suggestions could to produce torrent of opinions too varied to support sufficiently. However, as Scanlan procedes to mention, he wants Legion M to become exactly that: a legion, made up of dedicated fans with feedback prepared.

entertainment company

Legion M

“If you’re Apple as well as other normal buying and selling stock, the thought of facilitating an enormous legion of shareholders seems like a nightmare. For all of us, it’s nirvana-that’s what we should want,” he states. “And should you consider our shareholders, we don’t want Wall Street robots purchasing Legion M-we would like fans.

Per SEC ruling, non-accredited investors in Legion M’s category under Title IV from the JOBS Act can invest no more than 10% of the earnings or internet worth each year. The SEC defines a certified investor as somebody who earns greater than $200,000 each year or includes a internet worth in excess of $a million, that is far outdoors Legion M’s ideal demographic.

Paul Scanlan

“We don’t want anybody investing an enormous amount of cash because our goal would be to have as broad an admirer base as you possibly can,” Scanlan states. “So we’ll have minimum investment when the time comes to order the shares, but it’ll be as little as the largest it. After which we’ll also most likely possess a maximum to prevent Wall Street analysts buying up shares prior to the fans get the opportunity to sign up.”

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Netflix or Amazon

Targeting loyal fan bases of Legion M’s expanding listing of creatives is really as much about fostering participation because it is a baked-in marketing boon.

“When these projects emerge, we have a crowd that people can activate,” Annison states. “We can send an e-mail to some million people and say, hi guys, our movie is originating out a few days ago-let’s get all of your buddies and mess it up up. In an exceedingly competitive industry like Hollywood, like content production, getting that legion really becomes the competitive advantage that can help us succeed like a company.”


The allowances produced in the roles Act for crowdfunding equity are chipping away in the barriers separating entrepreneurs from realizing their companies, and, consequently, is forging a more powerful alliance between individuals companies and consumers.

“We’re creating a connection that’s, typically, past due in the market-partially since these rules didn’t exist before,” Scanlan states. “But with the roles Act, the largest that connection and make a move outstanding.”

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