ITIL PPO – specific skills REQUIRED

ITIL PPO certification

The PPO® certification is included in the service capability module. It is best suitable for the individuals wanting to acquire a deeper understanding of the ITIL methods and procedures, the steps needed to execute them and their way of interaction.

This module allows you to move up to the Expert level certification. It is also aimed at individuals wishing to acquire the expert level certification. This module mainly concentrates on the practices of organizations in service management.

Taking up the certification course helps one to increase their chances of clearing the exam for their first time. It enables you to improve your practical knowledge related to the execution of practices of PPO in the capacity, information security, availability, IT service continuity, and many more areas of ITIL®. It is a great option for anybody wishing to specialize in PPO and implement them in their daily work life for managing IT service tasks.

Skills Needed for the PPO Certification

  • PPO service design along with the knowledge across its lifecycle.
  • You must understand the service availability thoroughly.
  • To have the capability to understand an effective service design, one must be efficient in capacity management.
  • Availability management is also important.
  • To support the entire continuity of business management, IT service management is required.
  • You need to learn how to plan, optimize, and protect effectively.
  • Numerous organization responsibilities related to PPO.
  • Must know how to differentiate between availability and capacity management.
  • Must have skills associated with security.
  • Disaster recovery is another crucial skill for anyone opting for a career related to PPO.
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Benefits of PPO certification 

It has several benefits that one can receive after obtaining the certification, for example:

  • Enables you to improve your resume.
  • It allows one to get recognized and acknowledged within the industry.
  • You can learn practices that are very important for industries all over the world.
  • It enhances the market value of an individual.

PPO Certification

PPO certification enables one to get a thorough understanding of the service design methods and ensures that you have the skills needed to utilize the tools, services, service management system, technology architecture, and so on. It is useful for fulfilling the wants of the industry and the users.

The important topics or focus areas included in the PPO certification course are:

  • The purposes, goals, and values of service design.
  • The steps needed to utilize PPO effectively to obtain high-quality services or operations.

Is this the correct certification for you?

Similar to other intermediate modules, it does not have any particular prerequisites but recommends around two or four years of experience while working in IT service management.

This certification is best suitable for individuals with the following professions:

  • Availability Manager
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Security Administrator
  • Capacity Manager
  • Network Support
  • Change Manager
  • Business Continuity Manager
  • Service Portfolio Manager
  • Security Manager
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Certification Cost:

The certification cost is normally included along with the training course. For instance, the average cost for the ITIL PPO certification and the training course is around INR 29,500, per individual.

Besides, there are many prestigious course providers that offer many discounts. You can choose any of the courses or institutions to take the training from as per your choice. Also, you have to option to select from in-person or online mode depending on your needs.


To qualify for the RCV certification must hold the foundation level certification first.

Job Opportunities:

You get to choose from a variety of options available. However, it mainly depends on your career objective and your previous experiences. Besides, your understanding of ITIL is also very crucial. Also, one should have some interest or desire to pursue a career in the IT field.

If you are a beginner in this field or have some previous experiences, you can try to pursue a career as a process coordinator. The responsibility of a process coordinator is to guarantee that the administrative tasks are completed or done according to the design or plan. The different job roles related to the IT service management field are incident coordinator, configuration analyst, and change coordinator.

You can opt for managing or handling processes after having a few years of experience like five or more. There are also several other job roles available such as release manager, capacity manager, security manager, problem manager and so on.

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