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Latino business success stories are characterized by their passionate entrepreneurs, willing to give their all to achieve their goals. They are true heroes who reach success against all odds, they are people who help their community by generating jobs and improving its environment.

These entrepreneurs have faced really complicated situations such as discrimination, lack of opportunities and little access to financing. However, their adventurous spirit and willpower has allowed them to overcome all these difficulties. One tool to achieve their goals that has been of great help to many is itin loans (financing without the need to have a social security number)

According to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, until 2018, there were 4.7 million Latino-owned businesses that generated more than $700 billion annually. And within these entrepreneurships, there are cases that distinguish themselves by achieving success despite having everything against them.

Learn about these three cases that will inspire you to immediately start the business of your dreams:

Zumba, the Latin flavor in the world of exercise

Achieving success in the business world has much merit, but it is greater when you reflect your roots and practices in your business philosophy. This is how Beto Pérez changed the global history of exercise routines with the creation of Zumba, a technique which is now known in all the corners of the world.

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This colombian entrepreneur created a method of exercise that distinguished itself from others. It is not based on doing endless workouts at a gym, but rather on dancing with a routine and coordinated movements to work every muscle. Given the success he had in his country, he decided to move to Miami, Florida, without speaking English and built the global firm of his dreams.

When entrepreneurs come to the United States, they rarely have work permits, visas or social security, so their chances of success are limited. There are financial products such as itin loans offered by companies like Camino Financial, a fintech with Latino roots which allows all kinds of business owners to access capital to establish their businesses and achieve their goals.

Beauty Blender, innovation in makeup

Rea Ann Silva is the founder of the company Beauty Blender, it produces makeup, applicators and skin care items. But this story began in the mind of a single mother who worked in department stores as a makeup brand demonstrator.

Thanks to her talent, over the years, she entered the world of television as a make-up artist for cast members. With the advent of the HD format in productions, it was necessary to raise the quality of products to provide better results. So, she invented a sponge applicator in the shape of a drop that, at this moment, is used all over the world.

Any entrepreneurship can be achieved through discipline, hard work and access to tailor-made financial tools, such as itin loans.

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Flaco’s Custom Food Truck, a dream on wheels

Juan and his brother-in-law Luis started washing trucks, during this period they offered the service for all types of vehicles, but one of the most recurrent was the food trucks. In view of this trend, it occurred to them that they could apply their knowledge in tinsmithing to customize trucks and adapt them to this specialized niche in the sale of food and beverages.

Flaco’s Custom Food Truck required a significant investment for the purchase of raw materials and to offer financing to buyers, for that reason they sought the support of Camino Financial, a company that offers advice to people who need to finance a business, supporting them with financial products such as small business loans / itins loans that will help them achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

All these companies were founded by hard-working people like you, who let their instincts guide them and trusted their abilities, no matter that the odds were against them. Their persistence shows that those who work for their dreams, can make them come true.

No matter what line of work Latino entrepreneurs are in, they are a guarantee of effort, commitment and dedication. And despite facing complicated situations, they have access to financial products like Itin loans within their reach to face them and show the world all their capacity. Could you tell us what business would you like to open to meet your financial goals?

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