Jazz Shoes: All You Need To Know

Jazz Shoes

When you sign up for a jazz dance class, it is essential to have dance shoes that provide flexibility and support.

Jazz dance is explosive and rhythmic, combining African steps with European movements.

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional jazz dancer, your shoes should be considered an essential extension of your feet.

There are quite a few dance shoes on the market claiming to be efficient. However, there are many requirements you need to tick off to choose the best jazz shoes.

Choosing the Right Jazz Shoes

Good jazz shoes provide support and fit you snugly while providing flexibility. It is vital to purchase a perfectly fit pair to learn the dance, avoid injuries and enjoy yourself.

Jazz shoes typically come in black or beige. They are usually made of leather or canvas. Some companies may also offer vegan options.

Choosing from a wide variety of dance shoes can be daunting. Here are a few tips to help you make well-informed decisions while shopping for one:

  • Buy age-appropriate shoes: Adults’ feet are fully developed and have a wider variety to pick from. Young dancers need to purchase jazz shoes that provide extra support as their feet grow and develop.
  • Compare prices: Many companies offer pretty affordable jazz shoes. Compare the prices to choose a pair that are cost-efficient and efficient.
  • Buy your first pair from a dance shoe store: Although there are many online options, your first pair should be from the dance shoe store. Experienced salespeople will help you choose the right jazz shoes for a beginner.
  • Choose the right fit: Professionals recommend jazz shoes that fit the wearer snugly as they affect performance. Loose pairs cause rubbing on foot, while tight pairs cause cramping.
  • Choose the right material: Affordable jazz shoes are available in canvas, neoprene, and elastic material. Leather, although expensive, is soft, durable and breathable.

The Two Types of Jazz Shoes You Need to Know About

Before buying, you need to know about the two types of jazz shoes. Split-sole and full-sole are the two most common jazz shoes used by dancers.

According to professionals, there are many differences between the two. Slip-on jazz shoes come only in split-soles, while full-sole shoes are laced up.

A full-sole focuses on building strength and muscles in the foot. A split-sole is more flexible and highlights the dancer’s arch while allowing the foot to point with ease. Modern jazz dancers prefer split-soles as it allows for more flexibility.

Additionally, jazz shoes also come in high-rise or low-rise, depending on one’s preference.

Taking Care of Your Jazz Shoes

Maintaining your jazz shoes properly can extend their durability. Caring for your shoes can also save you from trips to the dance shoe store every month for a new pair.

Here are a few maintenance tips every jazz dancer needs to know about:

  • Store your jazz shoes in a cool and dry location
  • Use the correct material when fixing your shoes
  • Clean the dirt off your jazz dance shoes frequently
  • Do not wear outside the dance studio
  • Be gentle when putting on or taking off your jazz shoes

Wrapping Up

Jazz dance can be quite demanding on the feet. Hence, it is crucial to purchase the right jazz shoes to support your feet.

Every jazz dancer must have a pair, and the options are endless. Armed with the correct information, you can make a smart purchase that your feet will thank you for.

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