How important is that to take a Lean Six Sigma black belt certification in 2020?

Lean Six Sigma black belt certification

If you do not observe your surroundings, then it’s lame and fatal. Having stuck to your present makes you an element of the past. If you are done with your yellow belt and feel that, it’s all you have wanted. Then my friend is stricken with farsightedness.

When you run a poll, on whether the fashion industry can combine with technology? Then you may take a pause and not conclude. Yes, it’s not about breathing fabrics. It’s much more than this. We are vocal about companies like Xenoma, Sense-wear, and ACES who have made products like Nova, Nadi X with Smart fabrics called Self-organized Framework on Textiles, or SOFT in short.

Though these fabrics can track your visceral functioning and can reveal if any toxic chemical is inside or around you by alerting to your cellphone, they are here since 2017; we haven’t heard much about them because they are not commercialized as such. But sooner this industry of $4.08 billion is expected to grow more than 20% in just five years!

So do not be like the old cotton, Lenin, or polyester fabric. If you do not accept the change, be prepared to be left out. Here in this article, we have bought you enough reasons why to take on a Lean SSBB certification this year!


We are amid coronavirus, and the USA saw its second wave of mass lay off on 9th June 2020. However, there are countless reasons why this has happened.

But the second wave came from wholesale trade, trucking, warehousing, computer services, metal products, real estate, management services, banks and unions, insurance, education, data processing, and plastic and rubber products. These were the companies that survived the first wave, unlike clothing and apparel, restaurants, arts and sports, museums, furniture stores, and auto parts and dealers.


When things are back to normalcy, life will be far more difficult than in redundancy. If you are not well equipped in your arsenal, then you will end up in compromise.

The prerequisites

There is no prerequisites eligibility to appear for this certification as per IASSC.

But as per ASQ, the requirements are described below:

  • A professional has to produce signed affidavits of two complete projects
  • If not one project signed affidavit document within three years of work in one or more domains of the Six Sigma BOK.
  • Work experience should be full time paid roles.

The examination

You have to score at least 580 points out of 750 to pass the examination. You have 4 hours to answer 150 MCQs. Once you choose your accreditation partner and check its eligibility criteria, then you are all set for a profile review. After that, you get your training and then schedule your examination. If your marks are as per the standard, then you are promoted to get certified. And for re-registration of certification, you can retake the exam, or you can submit 18 RU credits on the portal.


The best and efficient way to prepare Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is through 1on1 training. In this way, you get to learn from the expert itself, making your preparation rock strong. The questions that you get in the exam can be equated to difficulty levels 4, 5, and 6. Where level 4 stands for analysis, five stands for problem-solving, and six stands for implementation.

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It is wise to have an early certification like a lean six sigma yellow belt. The knowledge you acquire in the yellow belt serves as the baseline for the black belt. You should also focus on your handbook. Without complete preparation, it’s futile to sit for the exam. If you have no background in Six Sigma, then it’s wise for you to be an early bird. It’s advised that you should start your preparation at least nine months before your examination. The domain is diverse, so conceptualization matters the most.

Never fail to ask the silliest doubts you may think to your instructor. The minimum training cost for the Lean Six Sigma Black belt is around $950-$1300. Depending upon your choice of training, the price varies. Making notes and then making web diagrams out of the notes can help you a lot to better understand and retain things.

At last spare at least a month’s time for simulation exams and practice tests. Never haste this process, it is advisable to take at least 15 practice tests before you sit for the examination. The analysis of the practice papers will help you build your velocity and correctness.

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