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When you become a parent, all of your priorities change. Suddenly, you’re not just thinking about yourself; now you have to think about the little person who will rely on you for everything. One of the best ways to ensure that your child grows up with a solid foundation is by making memories with them as often as possible. These memories will last forever, and they’ll be important to both of you when it comes time to reminisce. So don’t forget: You need to make every moment matter!

Create a baby book.

A baby book is a collection of mementos and memorabilia from your child’s first year. To make one, you’ll need to gather photos and other items that document your baby’s growth, milestones, and interests. For example, if you want to include a photo of the first time your newborn smiled at you, you will likely have to be holding him or her while they do it because they might not smile again for weeks or even months!

For more ideas on what should go into a baby book, check out our article “The Best Way to Save Memories From Your Newborn Baby.” It will give you some ideas about specific things like taking pictures on certain occasions (like when they’re first born or when they take their first steps) as well as general items like creating an album to keep track of important dates so that family members don’t miss any important events.

Baby Clothes

As a new parent, you’ll change your baby’s diaper many times. You’ll love looking at their cute little face and listening to them. You might even want to take a picture or two of your adorable bundle of joy and look at these newborn baby girl clothes.

It’s important to be practical when buying clothes for your baby so you can keep their head warm or shield them from the sun as needed. But it’s also fun (and important) for your child’s wardrobe if you include some cute outfits that match or complement each other, like this pair of jammies!

Professional baby photography

Professional baby photography can be a great way to document your baby’s first year. You will want to preserve those precious moments, like their first smile and laugh, crawling for the first time, and getting their first tooth. Photographers can capture these moments in such a way that you’ll be able to remember them forever.

It is also important to consider how much you want to spend on your baby’s first-year photos. Some parents are happy with informal pictures taken by a friend or family member, while others prefer professional photography like this newborn photography perth. If you do decide to hire a professional photographer, make sure that they have the right equipment and training so that they can capture all of those priceless moments!

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Start holiday traditions.

Developing holiday traditions can be a great way to bond with your baby. You’ll both enjoy the many memories that you make together throughout the years, and you’ll be able to pass those traditions down to future generations. Holiday food is also one of the best ways to create memories that will last forever!

For example:

  • At Christmas, we always make sure there’s a big tree in our living room filled with beautiful ornaments from past Christmases.
  • On Thanksgiving, my mom always makes turkey sandwiches or soup for dinner—we go over every year and enjoy eating together as a family. It’s fun because it’s something we’ve done every year since I was born!

Pick a favorite activity to do together each week.

Having a favorite activity to do together will help you bond and create memories with your newborn baby. Here are some examples of activities that can be done each week:

  • Cooking dinner together (or ordering takeout)
  • Playing games or puzzles
  • Going on a walk in the park or somewhere else scenic
  • Sitting outside at night and looking at stars or watching the clouds roll by

Create a baby scrapbook.

A baby scrapbook is a fun way to document and share your baby’s first year. You can find pre-made scrapbooks at most craft stores, but it’s just as easy to create your own from scratch! All you need is:

  • A binder with plastic sleeves or pockets
  • Photos of the baby from birth through one year old (don’t forget those adorable newborn shots!)
  • Birth announcement cards from family and friends
  • Handwritten notes from friends and family

To keep it organized, place photos in chronological order so you can easily flip through them as you look back on memories. Also, make sure to include any hand-written notes or cards that come with the photos; otherwise, they may get lost in time!

Start a journaling habit.

A journal is a great way to keep a record of your baby’s milestones and special moments in your life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, writing can help you get through the day by giving you something concrete to do. The act of putting pen to paper can also be incredibly cathartic—if you’re having a rough time, don’t be afraid to express yourself on these pages!

If this sounds like something that could benefit your mental health or overall well-being, consider starting a journal now. Even if you don’t feel like writing at first, once the habit has started it will become easier over time and become less of an effort for all involved parties (you included).

Make your family tree.

Make your family tree.

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A family tree can be made in many ways, with a software program or notebook. The best way is to use a notebook because you can add photos and other items that will have more meaning for you. This can also be used as a keepsake for your children in the future when they want to know about their heritage and where they came from.

Make sure that you include as much information as possible about each person on the tree: their names, birth dates (if known), death dates (if known), marriage information, children’s names, and birth dates/ages if applicable. You may also want to include photos or newspaper clippings that show an important event in their life such as graduation or a wedding announcement article featuring them prominently in it!

Be creative with this project so that it reflects YOU rather than being just another copycat effort of someone else’s family tree!

Host an annual party honoring your baby’s name.

To celebrate your baby’s name, plan a party to mark the occasion. It’s important to give some thought beforehand so you don’t end up with an underwhelming affair where no one has any fun.

First things first: make sure you have plenty of time on hand when planning this event. Babies have varying sleep patterns and schedules, so it can be hard enough to plan for one day off work or school for yourself—and then you have to factor in that if there’s going to be food involved (and let’s face it—most babies love food), someone has got their hands full! If your baby is still at home with their caregivers during the day, feel free to invite them along as well; they probably spent just as much time picking out their child’s name as they did yours! They might even enjoy seeing what kind of fun things are planned at this event and get some ideas for future parties themselves!

If possible try not only to have people come over but also invite others who aren’t able-bodied because sometimes we forget how hard these tasks can be on those who rely heavily upon others in order just to get by each day.”

Do things you will enjoy looking back on later!

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about the details, just try it out and see what feels good for you and your baby. You’ll have a lot of chances to get it right later; now’s the time to focus on enjoying the moment.

When you look back at these moments in a few years, they will become some of your favorite memories as a family!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of ideas for creating happy memories with your newborn. If you have other ideas, please share them in the comments below! We love hearing from our readers and learning about their experiences.

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