Marie Kondo Tips: The Things You Need to Know Before You Start Decluttering Your Room

Marie Kondo Tips

One of the most challenging things to accomplish is having a clean and tidy room. Even if it is a doable task, it will require a lot of time and effort. To lessen your workload in cleaning and organizing your room, you can follow the Marie Kondo Tips, helping you to declutter and organize your room effectively.

In this article, we will discuss how you can fully utilize the Marie Kondo tips to your advantage. Here are some of the ideas coming from the famous cleaning guru named Marie Kondo.

Doing The Marie Kondo The Right Way

Before we start decluttering and organizing your room, you need to prepare yourself for a handful of activities that will require your time and effort. We promise you that this will be the best option on how you can declutter and organize your room. The philosophy of the Marie Kondo tips will surely change your life with these Marie Kondo Tips.

Set Your Mind To Tidying

One of the keys to tidying your room is to start by setting your mind in cleaning and organizing your room. As cleaning your room will require a lot of effort, time, and creativity, you will need to prepare yourself for a handful of activities. The best way to prepare is to picture the things that you are supposed to do to have a tidy room.

The first tip from the Maria Kondo tips is to think of it as not just a single day of work. You need to divide the things that you are supposed to be doing on different days to have a lesser workload in your day. If you continue to do most of the stuff in tidying up your room, you will exhaust a lot of energy because organizing a single room will require you a lot of time and energy.

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However, doing this will be a challenging option as you might lose track of your progress and goal. Hence, having a strong commitment and always reminding yourself about having a clean, organized, and tidy room should always be on your mind. You can also write things down on a piece of paper to remind you about your goal.

Visualize The End Result

Having a clear vision of your goal is to visualize the result you are aiming to achieve. You need to imagine the effect of cleaning and organizing your room to be motivated to do the heavy load of work along the way. It is also a great way to plan the things that you want to design in your room in the future.

Even though your room’s whole decluttering is about cleaning and organizing your room, it is also one of the best ways to shape up your life into betterment. This can be an excellent start to have a better vision of how you want your life to be in the future. Hence, visualizing the room’s result and visualizing how you can be more comfortable in your new tidy room can help.

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Asking Yourself If That Object Sparks Joy

In decluttering your room, one of the most challenging things is asking yourself if you need to dispose of certain items. As per Marie Kondo, you will need to ask your intuition if you need the item or if this particular object brings joy into your life. This can be difficult to answer, especially with the most sentimental things in your life.

To start asking yourself if you need a particular item. You will need first to touch it with your bare hands and start questioning yourself if that object is essential in your life. If the answer is “No,” then there is no other reason why you should be keeping it in your room. Hence, for a reason for that item to be thrown, sold, or given away to your other acquaintance.

Cleaning Up By Category

Cleaning your belongings by category and not by objects is one of the Marie Kondo tips. To Cleaning up by category will allow you to sort your things out based on their types and save up some space while doing so. Hence, cleaning up by category can be a great way of cleaning up your room.


Marie Kondo Tips is one of the most trusted and recommended ways of decluttering your room. This is the list of tips that you should be doing before you start cleaning your room. Hence, following this will help you have more comfortable and more confidence in decluttering and organizing your space.

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