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The Internet is one of the best tools of our daily lives as it allows us to learn about new things, chat with friends, do research for school, play fun games, watch funny videos, and much more … But, as in everything in life, we must be careful when browsing the internet as there are also many dangers and risks.

Some parents prohibit the use of the Internet by their children until ‘he is old’, but that does not solve it, they have internet in several places, even at school and prohibiting it will only sharpen the interest of the use, and the child wants to do the that your friends do. Thus, it is important for parents to be aware of their children’s ‘online life’ to more easily give them advice on how to use it.

We can think that when the child uses the Internet, it only does it on the PC, which allows parents to control better … but nowadays there are tablets and smartphones with Internet. So, once again, parents should try to inform their children to the maximum of the risks of use, instead of prohibiting it. But of course, it’s not enough. They might need a location tracker to help them control their children.

Bullying has always been common in school corridors and has always had very serious consequences for children who become victims. And since the appearance of cell phones, a new form of bullying has emerged, “cyberbullying”, as it is also known. For those who do not know this is, as the name implies, a form of bullying that occurs on online platforms through any electronic device such as cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.

This type of aggression occurs in the form of cursing, harassment, depreciation, threats and even aggressive intimidation. This problem is so serious since children are having free access to technologies and, consequently, are the ones who suffer most from this type of bullying.

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Of course, there is specific legislation to combat these types of crimes, however prevention is always the best way. So today we are going to talk a little about FamiSafe and how you, as a parent, can learn how to protect our children from virtual harassment in an easy, simple and very efficient way.

FamiSafe Parental Control App is a location tracker and parental control software that provides a variety of great features. It is one of the three most widely used parental control software, today. Certainly not without reason! Not only sophisticated, this software is also easy to install, customize, and operate without the need for certain experience and expertise.

Here are FamiSafe’s download links:

Google Play   

App Store

Amazon Store

Among the main functions of FamiSafe, the following stand out:

Online Activity Tracking

With this function you can access all your children’s browsing history, and also check the websites they are accessing. If you see, for example, that children are researching “Bullying”, it could be a sign that he suffers from these aggressions. It is good to always keep an eye out to avoid something more serious.

Suspicious SMS

It is normal for children to enter chat rooms, or even spend hours and hours talking with friends through social networks or communication apps. And, at these times, it is common for threats, bullying or even sexual messages to happen. FamiSafe is able to check all messages and ensure that there are no words related to online bullying. If there is, you immediately receive a notification on your cell phone and can act quickly. Remembering that the app does not access all content, maintaining children’s privacy. Famisafe only detects suspicious words or any words you add manually and sends you alerts if it appears in the children’s conversations.

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Real Time Tracking

Another very common thing nowadays is for children to say they are going to a place and after going to the mall, to the house of the other classmate or any other place without telling their parents. And, as we already know, no child or adolescent likes to be satisfying. So the easiest way to control where your child is, in real time, is to use FamiSafe’s tracking tool to monitor where your children are.



$19.99/3 months


It is highly recommended to choose the yearly plan because what you have to pay every month will be cheaper, around $ 5 / month. Besides, this plan can protect up to 30 devices.


As we mentioned earlier, these are just a few of the many benefits of this tool. It is worth experimenting and increasing the safety of your children, since today there are several cases, including serious ones, of cyberbullying. And, as our children are unable to detach themselves from these new technologies, it is better to prevent ourselves than to have major future problems, FamiSafe can help you in this parental control.

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