Monetizing Data With Embedded BI

Embedded BI

Lacking the right data monetization strategies, you risk missing critical insights that could improve your business. Here are the attributes you should look for in a BI and analytics platform to support the best data monetization tool.

Is The BI Analytics Platform You Choose Going To Benefit You In The Future?

Data management and the devices that we use to generate data are growing at a rapid pace, which means that the workload is only going to increase as time goes by. Therefore, it is extremely important that your embedded BI and Analytics platform has the capacity to manage and support your current data as well as the potential data that will be coming through in the future.

Is It A Comprehensive System?

A large and increasing amount of data means you will need a wide range of formats. Ensure that your data monetization system can comprehend a variety of formats for example, Excel, XML, EBCDIC, JSON. Also ensure that the system is able to support other types of formats like Sybase, DB2 and Oracle. It is also vital that you choose a BI system that can support enterprise software such as SAS and SAP. It should also be able to handle data from a cloud server as well.

Is The System Sizable And Scalable?

The motive of every company and business is to grow and change for the better over the years. This should work hand in hand with your BI and analytics platform. As your business increases in revenue and grows, you will need a data monetization system with embedded BI that can scale with your business. The system should have the power to increasingly support the data without having to alter the infrastructure of the system in the long run.

Does The System Offer Flexibility And Agility?

Your business is bound to face challenges in the future, and you need to make sure the system is flexible enough to cope and overcome these challenges. Some of the challenges you may need to cope with include driving shorter times to insights, granular customization of functionality and so on.

Does Your BI And Analytics Platform Meet Your Data Monetization Needs?

Your BI and analytics platform should be customizable under the required circumstances. Ensure that it can be used easily used by developers so that they may complete the job in the quickest time possible. They should be able to embed analytics easily so that you can use it wherever you wish to for your products and services. A good BI and analytics platform will be able to use the real potential of a 64-bit pc to the best of its ability. It should also have multi-core CPUs and parallelization capabilities. This enables a single server to provide you with the same power in processing even if you have a larger amount of data.

Is The System User-Friendly?

To optimize the power of monetizing data with embedded BI, the system should be easier to use so more staff members can comprehend and make use of the BI analytics platform. You need to ask yourself if the system can provide automation for tasks that are monotonous. Does it offer functionality that does not require coding for simple features? Can non-technical users also make sense of the data? You system should also have artificial intelligence incorporated to memorize how exactly its users are using the BI analytics platform.

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