Mordhau players figured out how to sneak into the character select screen

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Mordhau player MiZiikE has detailed a way to escape the confines of the Smuggling map. It’s a harmless hack (which is somewhat contested in the Reddit thread, but will likely be fixed anyway) that wouldn’t be very noticeable if it didn’t create a beautiful opportunity to confuse unsuspecting gamers.

It turns out that the virtual camera that provides the setting behind Mordhau’s character selection screen exists within the map, in that off-limits area. That’s not surprising, if you’ve tweaked something you know these no-nonsense tricks are common, but it means that if you manage to escape the play area, you can hang out on that character select screen by playing Despacito.

People have found a way to go out of bounds in mordhau reddit and physically reach the location of the character selection screen on the maps May 20, 2019

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