Mortal Kombat 11 trailer introduces Kotal Kahn, then viciously kicks his ass

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Mortal Kombat

A new Mortal Kombat trailer that introduces Kotal Kahn, an Osh-Tekk warrior and emperor to the outside world, is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, Kotal is the last playable character from MK11 to be revealed in these crazy videos that we’ve been enjoying for a few weeks now. [Update: My Mistake – There’s More!] And second, because instead of witnessing the ridiculous blood-soaked death he brings into battle, we can watch him brutally kick the ass of Jacqui Briggs.

The video begins with Jacqui landing some serious shots at Kotal, including a straight right hand that literally breaks his face, which seemed strange to me to introduce a new fighter. But then Kotal draws his sword and absolutely slaps her with it – not very athletic, but we’re not exactly on Marquess of Queensberry’s territory here – and then literally begins to see her in half. I thought this would slow them down pretty well, but no! She turns it over with a few light taps, then pulverizes the back of his head with a vicious elbow. Then he is impaled with a kind of bone sword.

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Kotal Kahn

This turn of events would make most people ponder their career choices, but not Kotal Kahn: he rips open Jacqui’s stomach, holds it over his head, and shoots her innards – yes, that happens – then smashes her face. first into the ground like knocking down a big top pin. And then he sets her on fire.

That, I thought, it had to be – but I was wrong again. Jacqui comes back and now she’s really pissed off. She viciously smashes his thighbone (which doesn’t seem to affect his stamina), goes around the poor guy who’s just trying to feed the jackals so his boss doesn’t fall into his case, screwing up the schedule for the rest of the animals throws some sort of force field grenade behind him and glues it in place with a wrist-mounted Black Widow-style rocket launcher.

At this stage we see her death, and to be honest, he’s not as impressive as some of the others I’ve seen like Geras, Kabal, or Jade. However, there is a fun surprise at the end when the expected explosion turns out to be … something else. But while death is a bit shallow, the fight itself is a hell of a good thing. Mortal Kombat has come a long way since pissing my friends off by repeatedly freezing the ground with Sub-Zero’s ice puff.

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Oh, I forgot the part where Kotal turns into a panther and Jacqui rips out her throat. That happens too.

Mortal Kombat 11 will be released on April 23rd. Here’s everything else we know about it.

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