Music and Corona

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Sounds odd, right? How are the two connected?

Don’t worry I will make the connection for you.

We are living in a time where death is dancing around us and we are stuck in a never-ending phase of uncertainty. Corona has rendered us helpless. We all are facing a lot of mental health issues. Anxiety and depression are the most common issues that people are facing today. And why won’t people have these issues? Humans are social animals and they are trapped inside their homes due to this pandemic.

Music is one thing that everyone loves. I haven’t met anyone up until now who doesn’t like music. It helps us to calm down and relax. Music is an essential part for a lot of meditations. It helps us to focus and get rid of any negative energy that we might have in our bodies. Therefore, music can be a great way to combat these mental health issues that everyone is facing in this pandemic.

Listening and playing music can be therapeutic

Some artists use their music to express their emotions and it is a cathartic experience. It is better to make a song out of it instead of letting it eat you from the inside. It is also a great distraction. We all have a tendency to over think due to which we come across a lot of emotions and thoughts which are not comforting or even disturbing at times. Music can help us to get out mind off of such thoughts. So, whenever you are feeling that you are sinking into your own thoughts put on your favourite song and sings along, you could even dance if you like, it will most definitely help you.

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Learning music- a constructive activity

Playing music requires a lot of mental effort and it feels amazing when you can play an instrument with perfection. We all feel like we don’t have anything to do in this pandemic. Learning music could be one way of engaging yourself into some constructive activity. Online music lessons are readily available where you can learn almost any instrument and it is safe as well. So, if you are inclined towards music then taking music lessons can help you feel productive and you will also learn something new in this pandemic.

Final Words

This is how music can be your solution to get out of the darkness that corona has spread in all of our lives. You can use music according to your convenience, which makes you feel better and happier. Want to blast a song? Go right ahead! Want to sing along a melody? Who is stopping you? Want to learn to play music? Join a music lesson. Music truly has answers to all of our problems and it’s high time we realise the benefits it brings to us.

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