Nail color recommendation

Nail color recommendation

Today I’m sending you a copy of the most common questions I’ve encountered in my ten years in the nail industry as a galglitter product manager.

Is there any harm in nail art? How do you see how to choose the right nail? Which nail color shows white? With what clothes more temperament? Wait for it!

Photo at work

  1. Will doing nail art be harmful to the body and fingers?

Before saying whether this is harmful to the ladies, explain the composition of our nail structure.

Nails are keratin metabolites just used to protect our finger or thumb, and the nail plate is mostly produced by overlapping scaly cuticles, forming a translucent and strong nail plate.

It is the same chemical substance that makes up the hair. Keratin is a protein produced from amino acids, which is a special protein that forms a strong and elastic substance that makes up our nail plate, so our nails are metabolites, and there are no stomata on the surface of the nail to breathe, so the nail will not absorb harmful substances, and the nail itself will not have any effect on health.

To sum up, there is no harm in painting your nails, and it is equivalent to putting on a beautiful dress for your nails. (PS: nails have gray nails except for ha!)

Can I do a DIY manicure by myself?

We are able to DIY nail art at home, no basic ladies can choose to start with a solid color, but ladies need to pay attention to some matters.

Preparation of tools and operational steps.

First of all, to understand the need for tools and functional glue, prepare our galglitter nail polish powder, nail clippers, sand strips, sponge rub, dead skin softener, steel push, dead skin scissors, clean water, bonding agent, base glue, reinforcing glue, color, sealer, the above is the steps for the use of tools. (Reinforcing glue can be based on their own nail needs, nails thin and soft as much as a possible plus)

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The operation process requires attention.

1, the pre-treatment must be in place but do not excessively carved grinding on the nail damage 2, about the bonding agent, in fact, the drying agent, anastomosis agent, the balance of liquid this kind of belong to the same product, mainly take away the nail surface of the oil

3, the use of dead skin scissors pay attention to safety, newcomers are not recommended too sharp dead skin scissors, and steel push will accidentally hurt themselves

Preparation tools

Operation step 1

Operation step 2

Apply nail polish notes:

First, wipe the nail with alcohol cotton, then apply glue. Usually, a layer of base glue, two layers of color glue, a layer of sealer, and reinforcing glue sometimes need to apply, color glue. Some may have to apply two more layers.

  • Bonding agent

The bonding agent is watery and will evaporate quickly when applied to the nail, which can effectively remove the grease on the nail and make the nail more solid.

  • Apply base coat

You can apply some sunscreen before applying the glue, but don’t apply it to the nail cap; it’s easy to shrink the glue; you can buy a better base glue.

The bottom glue is evenly coated with a thin layer, wrapping the edge. If you apply too thick, it may hurt a little when you shine the light.

The base glue is divided into removable base glue and peelable base glue; peelable base glue persists for a short time, making it convenient to remove the nail.

There is also a convenient way to unload the nail is to apply spill-proof glue, not like the tear-off can be.

  1. Apply color glue

Choose the color glue you want to do style; it must be thinly coated evenly, and do not touch with your hands after the light; there is a layer of floating glue sticky, but this is not dry!

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The back edge as far as possible to push round a little, nail groove on both sides and the back edge to leave 0.3-0.8mm distance. This depends on more practice.

Note!!! The nail polish must be kept away from light, tighten the lid on the gel, and stay away from the light therapy lamp.

Buy less color glue first, and then add more after you are skilled.

Working picture

Three, how to match the nail style?

I believe this is the trouble of many young ladies; here to introduce you to the nail art styles and what type of people are suitable.

Nail art styles are divided into.

Pure color, French, gradient, painted (stripes, flowers, animals, plaid, etc.) halo, paste jewelry, laser powder, magic mirror powder, mermaid powder, laser powder, shell pieces, gold and silver foil paper, sequins, stickers, cat eyes, etc.

The first paragraph is mainly solid in color.

Suitable for the crowd.

French and gradient is a versatile style, looks clean and comfortable, suitable for students, white-collar women, take the fresh route of the ladies. Nails are too short, ladies not recommended, winter is not recommended light color French gradient, we wear clothes are dark, nails are easy to dye not dirty, and the light color looks colder in winter.

Pure color, gradient

In the second paragraph, the type of coloring is diverse.

Suitable for the crowd.

The lovely young lady on the painting of lovely wind, Hyunya wind, you can paste some lovely jewelry decorations, here we recommend the check style, a check is a necessary model every winter, very suitable with sweaters, coats, like to wear coats young lady can choose to jump a finger check in the middle of the solid color, looks simple and foreign.

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