Online Window Shopping In Lahore – The New Normal To Shopping Online

Online Window Shopping

You must have heard people flocking to websites for online shopping. But there is a new normal, and that is online window shopping in Lahore through assigned/dedicated taskers. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

Now you can hire individuals who would physically go to every possible location within the city to window shop for you. They will tell you about all the market trends, new products, changes in prices, or simply, virtually show you how the products look. This is the new normal of having an interactive experience with online window shopping apps. It is to actually see the products when you cannot be physically present due to your busy schedule. It allows you to virtually feel the product and see what it is going to look like when you buy it. 

Shopping, an Unavoidable Task 

Shopping is indefinitely the greatest way to de-stress, and unwind and it can be pretty addicting. However, not everyone has the time to do market research before getting products either for their office, house or simply for themselves. Sometimes, people require hours and hours of research to buy the best product that is available in the market. 

Then there are some people who simply love window shopping. That is, just surfing along the stores and looking at how amazing the products are just to fill their inner self. 

Finally, there are people who cannot resist the 70% sale or even the 30% sale, especially true in Pakistan. We Pakistanis are crazy about sales and flock to the stores even if it means standing in long queues for an entire day. Arent we crazy rich Pakistanis? Well, not necessarily. We may have nothing in our pockets yet be the first ones to be in stores when there is a sale just to fill the voids in our souls.

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What is Online Window Shopping or Virtual Shopping?

Online window shopping platforms have been a popular term nowadays. It is usually referred to as flocking to online stores to browse through products, and services, but without buying. But the Online window shopping app is all about assigning dedicated taskers to window shop for you and let you know the latest market trends whether for a desired product/service or simply all products. 

For example, if you want to buy a TV, a dedicated tasker will go to your desired location, and see all the TV with their prices, features, and maybe a picture. The tasker will then share all the information with you and you can decide which product you may want to buy. The new online window shopping app is also allowing you to top up their wallets so that the tasker can buy the desired product on-spot.

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What does it mean to be a Window Shopper?

While it’s impossible to buy everything and anything the person wants, online window shopping is a great way to be informed about new styles and tastes that are in the market. It is popular in enhancing and widening one’s horizon about the latest trends and being informed about any upcoming or presently available sales/offers. 

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Fun Fact: Did you know? 

Window shoppers make up 60% of retail sales while only 18% of total retail sales are from online shopping. 

Benefits of Window Shopping

Builds Confidence 

An online window shopping app is a great way to help customers build confidence in the products that businesses offer. When retailers allow people to shop for themselves or others or simply browse through products, they create a sense of confidence. Individuals are likely to feel confident about the purchase they may be wanting to do. 

Usually, it is difficult for individuals to trust themselves when they are faced with an overwhelming amount of choices. But, when they let taskers do online window shopping in Lahore, they let them window shop and see how easy it is to find something that suits their needs. 

Better Time-Management

Online window shopping applications help individuals who are on a tight schedule focus on their work. They do not have to stand in long queues to get the desired product or stand in the scorching heat to find the perfect fit for their drawing room. All they have to do is assign the task to a tasker and simply sit back and relax or focus on their work. 

Reduced Stress

Studies show that shopping is a great way to reduce stress. Nevertheless, online window shopping is another excellent way to outsource all your shopping tasks.  


Even though online shopping is gaining popularity in Pakistan, online window shopping in Lahore is already a trend. People buy from online stores or whether they assign taskers to buy for themselves, it all leads to inner satisfaction.

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