Ori and the Will of the Wisps Guide: How to Escape Shriek in Silent Woods

ori and the blind forest walkthrough

The first time you explore Silent Woods ori and the blind forest walkthrough and meet Shriek in Ori and Will of the Wisps, they are chasing you and you must dodge him in a short platforming sequence. I got stuck in this for longer than I’d like to admit, not because it’s difficult, but because I assumed I wasn’t going fast enough when the problem was that I was going too fast.

There are some places where you have to stop and hide from Shriek, and if you lose one, they will kill you instantly. What took me a while to realize is that one of those places is the red cloth. I had assumed it was just an environmental detail, but no: you have to hide behind it before continuing. Once you know that, it becomes easy.

Here is the complete sequence:

  1. Run up to the egg-shaped formation and toss it. Hold on until Shriek looks away.
  2. Use Kuro’s feather to float up and then climb up the pole on the right and hide behind the red cloth.
  3. When Shriek turns around, he jumps to the left and fights the green moss on the rock hanging in the middle of the cavern. He climbs up the moss a bit and waits.
  4. Shriek will head butt the rock. Don’t panic and wait for them to look away.
  5. Jump to the left, climb up the side of the arena, and then go back to the right. Keep running to the right as fast as you can and you’ll be safe.
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