Passover and Pesach coloring pages

Passover coloring pages

Passover and Pesach coloring pages: Notes on Jewish culture from the Passover meal

Coloring is an activity that is very popular with children because the drawings often bring the most authenticity to the person who enjoys a lot of emotions. Besides the themes of landscapes, flowers, people, etc., the pictures related to the festival are also quite interesting. Parents should let their children color and learn more about holidays in the world to have a lot of knowledge of cultures. Today Passover and Pesach coloring pages will bring children to an important Jewish festival. Let’s children and parents learn and color these pictures together.

Passover coloring pages: Do you know what holiday Passover (Pesach) is?

Passover is the most important Jewish holiday. Passover (also known as Passover or Pesah) is the most important holiday for the Jews. Passover has many different names, such as Pesach and Pesah, but these names all have the same meaning. Passover usually lasts about a week to celebrate the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery by the Egyptian Empire. On the afternoon of the 14th day of Nisan, according to the Jewish calendar (about March, April of the solar calendar), people slaughtered sheep at the temple, then the priest took the sheep’s blood and poured it at the foot of the altar.

Then when night fell, the Jews would eat the Passover meal as a family or in groups without forgetting to smear some of the sheep’s blood on the door. The Jews would eat fried meat with bread and bitter vegetables during the feast. In addition, they also drank together four cups of wine blessed by the host of the banquet to commemorate the four promises of God to the Israelites. Passover is celebrated as a reminder to each other and to teach future generations about the arduous escape from slavery in ancient Egypt.

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Pesach coloring pages: How important is Passover (Pesach) to the Jews?

Passover (also known as Pesach) is celebrated as a reminder to each other and to teach children and grandchildren about the arduous escape to be freed from slavery in ancient Egypt. Passover with the Seder meal is a very solemn way to celebrate the nation’s history. For eight days in a row, Jewish families read together with the story of their father’s escape from slavery. During those eight days, the Jews used different dishes than usual (i.e., not tasty) to share the hardships of their ancestors.

During the Passover holidays, Jews would gather for supper, read the hymnal, and eat some symbolic food. That meal was called The Passover Seder (Seder means law). One of the very significant rituals in the Jewish Seder meal is wine and the pouring of wine. Wine is used in most Jewish ceremonies. Prayers, and petitions, are made before a glass of wine, and the wine will absorb the word. When drinking that wine is to bring the vows to the bottom of the heart. During Passover, history is told on the glass of wine, it is a history of faith in God and love of freedom, so when drinking wine, the drinker will be filled with religion and liberty.

Learn about the Passover holiday through colorful coloring pages.
Passover and Pesach coloring pages

Printable Passover coloring sheets

Passover is a famous Jewish holiday that most countries in the world know. People always respect the national beliefs, or the traditional festivals of each country, because the origin of these holidays or beliefs has profound meanings, and the original lessons have been left. Maybe your country does not have a Passover holiday; you can also learn about this holiday to know more about culture. Understanding countries’ holidays worldwide will help us understand cultures and exchange customs and rituals that should be known. We have Passover coloring pages and Pessah coloring pages. These are Passover coloring sheets, including black and white pictures of the holiday, typical holiday foods, pictures of people praying, or pictures of families gathering together to tell stories of origin story. We think that Passover coloring pages are both for kids and adults.

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Through Passover and Pessah coloring sheets to practice our creativity and coloring skills, but also through pictures and featured activities, we can learn and know a lot of knowledge about the day of this festival in the world. Whether I’m Jewish or not? Whether our country has this holiday, it is helpful to know more cultural knowledge. The coloring pictures for Passover and Pessah are ready and complete with different pictures; it’s up to you and the kids to prepare crayons and color the pictures you like. Passover coloring includes people, food, activities, and diverse content for children to choose from there.

If your child wants to color pictures of people, choose pictures of people praying; if your child likes to color pictures of food, choose images of typical holiday foods. With coloring pages with many topics, children should prepare a lot of crayons and use their creativity to create vivid and beautiful pictures. Parents can participate in coloring activities with their children, which is a time for emotional bonding between parents and children. Coloring activities also help adults reduce stress and fatigue more. Children can both learn and have fun. Parents also discover their children’s interests and talents through children’s coloring activities, thereby orienting their children to the passions that children love.


Being able to express their imagination and be creative according to their thoughts is exciting and new for children. Children can use their colors, strokes, and fun to create very childish but meaningful pictures. Painting and coloring activities are always exciting, focused, and interesting for children. We always encourage children to spend more time coloring. Children can refer to a lot of coloring pictures on our website: Passover and Pesach coloring pages will be helpful content for children to practice skills and learn a lot of knowledge. We hope that the product will be supported and bring many effects to the development of children.

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