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PoE currency

For those who are just starting out in PoE, there’s a lot for you to learn about the ways of the game.

There are a number of features that make Path of Exile a unique experience. But what really makes it stand out from the crowd is the PoE currency system. You won’t be looking for gold or traditional forms of coin. Instead, we will be focusing on orbs that can make or change items that you find throughout the game.

Item Rarity

The different rarities help PoE to help you make use of the orbs that you find. They are separated by colour, starting with normal items which are white. Whilst these items are just base items without affixes, there’s magic items that are blue and can have one prefix, one suffix and two affixes. Rare items meanwhile are yellow, and can have three prefixes, three suffixes and six affixes. Then you have orange unique items, of which the modifiers vary in amount. Whilst you’ll be looking out for items on PoE trade, you should keep an eye on the rarity of it too.

What Currencies Do

So now we will be looking at how these currencies affect your items. Firstly, there’s the Scroll of Wisdom which is used to identify items. This will be your most common form of currency that is used for anything above normal where rarity is concerned. Then you have the Portal Scroll, which you use to make portals that will take you to the town for the current act that you are on.

We mentioned about items being affected by currency, but how does this work for rare items? There are PoE orbs in the game that will make a difference to your rare items. You can upgrade a normal item to a rare one using an Orb of Alchemy, for example. If you have a magic item that you want to turn into a rare item and keep its affixes, whilst also adding a random one too, then you can do with a Regal Orb.

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We then have the Chaos Orb, which will re-roll a rare item. This will give it random affixes at any amount between one and three prefixes and suffixes respectively. What’s considered to be the most valuable piece of currency is the Exalted Orb. This will introduce an affix to a rare item, though you will need to make sure that there is an open slot for an affix on it beforehand.

With you Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb, you should make sure to hold onto them until you really need them. They are incredibly valuable, so don’t waste them early on. When you reach a point where you’re going to craft map items, you should then start thinking about using Chaos Orbs. Not only that, but this will be the central form of PoE currency when you are engaging in PoE trade as well. With the Exalted Orb, make sure you have gotten to grips with the game before you start using them yourself.

How Important is PoE Currency?

When it comes to PoE currency and how important it is, you aren’t looking at something that is going to hinder your progress as such. You won’t be unable to progress if you aren’t farming currency is probably the best thing to take away from this. If you’re making a build early in the game, then there’s plenty of options for you to choose from that can help you get to where you need to be without damaging your budget too much.


That said, you will need currency to buy the best core items for the most entertaining builds that the game has to offer. You’re going to need items that greatly increase your survivability and your DPS. Currency’s role in Path of Exile transcends just being used to buy items. You’re going to be using it for crafting, linking items, and more.

Hence, as you can see, PoE currency is a very unique part of Path of Exile. This is especially the case when you are comparing the game to other titles that are similar. However, it is something that is a bit more difficult to understand, given the fact that it is a bit more intricate. It is still a beginner-friendly game though, so don’t expect to be thrown in at the deep end too much. There’s plenty to learn, but you won’t have to stress too much about having to raid your budget too early. The main point to take away is to save your Chaos and Exalted Orb stash until you get to a later point in the game.

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