Post-Lockdown Dining Experience in the Eastern Suburbs

Post-Lockdown Dining Experience

Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is a metropolitan area east of the central business district. It lines the southern side of the harbour, offering some of Sydney’s finest views of the coast. It is the perfect backdrop for casual or fine dining, whichever suits your fancy. And now that the restaurant restrictions are slowly being lifted, it may be a good time to try some of them out and support the local establishments.

Here are some of the different kinds of restaurants Eastern Suburbs has to offer, each providing a different but equally satisfying dining experience.

Vegan Restaurants

The Eastern Suburbs is a well-known food destination with some of the finest vegan restaurants right smack at its centre. The best one is set against the backdrop of a fragrant garden oasis where the Vaucluse and the Valley meet. Their menu consists mainly of Australia’s best dishes, using locally grown ingredients from their farms and gardens at Jamberoo Valley and Vaucluse. Aside from a serene dining experience, these vegan restaurants can offer an afternoon of exploring lush gardens and a wide selection of on-site natural spa treatments.   

Vegan Italian Restaurants          

Bondi is one of the main sources of mouthwatering vegan pasta courtesy to its vegan Italian restaurants. While traditional Italian restaurants rely on eggs for binding, these establishments make all their pasta in-house with the simple combination of flour and water. Using old-school techniques, they produce perfect dough just waiting to be shaped and moulded into spaghetti, fettuccini, and many more. They are living proof that vegan pasta is delicious even without the cheese.

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No-Frills Neighbourhood Eateries

Some of the popular restaurants Eastern Suburbs residents can now go to are the neighbourhood eateries in Randwick. Their menus are usually seasonally driven and good for sharing. They offer fine dining using the very best locally produced goods, but their dining room could not believe their efforts to foster a relaxed atmosphere. However, regardless of the mood or the setting you are looking for, the quality of their food is one thing you could count on.

Most of them switched to the takeaway menu during the lockdown, but some are slowly transitioning back to dine in. You can now make reservations to try their no-frills dining experience.

Traditional Italian

If you are closer to Double Bay, you may want to try out some of their traditional Italian Restaurants in Eastern Suburbs. These restaurants offer food inspired by traditional dishes of the country’s southern region. Each dish is expertly executed using only the most exceptional ingredients. Some of them resumed operation last month and started accepting bookings for groups of two to 20. Make reservations or booking to make sure they are still open for dine-in service.

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Asian Cuisine

If you are really into pad Thai and other Southeast Asian Cuisine, then Coogee is the perfect place for you. They have newly spruced up restaurants at their beach-side location that offer authentic Southeast Asian dishes. Their extensive food selection is matched only by their long list of fine wine. The pandemic may have restricted travel, but your taste buds can explore the very best of Southeast Asia in Coogee.

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