Project Zomboid mapping tools released: die horribly in your own backyard

project zomboid map

The Indie Stone has released the mapping tools for Project Zomboid, its standalone zombie survival game. If you’ve ever felt the need to see your hometown overrun by zombies, and who hasn’t, your time has finally come.

The question is no longer just how do you die, but where.

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The game is still only available in its alpha stage, but it already has incredible levels of customization. By releasing the mapping tools to the community, The Indie Stone hopes to create an “explosion” of user-created content. Already praised for its replayability, Project Zomboid could give players the opportunity to experience the entire world (and beyond) as a zombie-infested wasteland. With the map tools, players can build individual houses, islands, and much more, but not change existing maps themselves.

While this may be possible in the future, The Indie Stone wants to keep the focus on creating entirely new community content to expand the Project Zomboid experience. Ambitious community projects are already in the works, including skyscrapers and a huge community map. Players are also hoping to recreate famous zombie movies using the game’s Last Stand mode.

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The modding community has already had a great influence on the development of the game; after all, The Indie Stone hired one of their modders last year.

Although there are currently no tutorials available for using the mapping tools, a community wiki has already been installed on, and the developers are still available on The Indie Stone forum to help. The tools are worth checking out, and they might give you a tactical edge when the real apocalypse hits!

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