Qualities of a Good Rape Defense Law Firm

Rape Defense Law Firm

The worst accusation an individual can ever have is a rape accusation. Most people tend to discriminate against the accused by cutting them off and even denying them employment opportunities. A child rape accusation is far worse than any other form of a rape accusation. This is because child rape is different from other forms of rape accusations. In that, the attorneys and prosecutors handle them with intensity because it involves minors. So, when looking for a rape defense attorney, it is crucial to look at the qualities that will help you have the best outcome for the case. Here are some of the qualities to look for when searching for the best statutory rape defense law firm.

Certifications and Ratings

A good statutory rape defense law firm should have verified documentation showing they are qualified to practice law in the state. So, it’s critical to check if the firm has a license and the right certifications that define them as a legit firm by the Board of Criminal Law. It would also help to check the reputation of the lawyers practicing law in that firm and what other lawyers say about them.

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The Experience of the Lawyers

Statutory rape is very different from rape. This is because statutory rape involves having sex with a minor with consent. However, it is considered a crime since it involves a minor. It is crucial to select a statutory rape defense lawyer who is well-versed in criminal law and knows the difference between the two. That’s why it would help to hire lawyers with experience in the statutory rape defense field. Be sure to ask the lawyers about the number of cases they have handled or dismissed.

The History of Success

All child cases are treated differently from adult cases and with intensity. Therefore it is critical to choose a lawyer specializing in the statutory rape defense field. Also, it would help to know the history of the firm’s success to help predict how the case will go. It would be wise to hire lawyers from a statutory rape defense firm with a proven history of success stories. It guarantees the accused a positive outcome in their cases.

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The Firm’s Reputation

It’s one thing to hire an experienced lawyer, and it’s a different condition to check the firm’s credibility. Carefully consider the firm’s reputation before hiring a rape defense attorney to help with the statutory rape case. The accused can check the firm’s online reviews in question and what clients say about their legal services. Also, it would help to look at some previous cases the firm has handled, how many they have appealed, and the ones they have won. Be sure also to know what other lawyers say about the firm and its legal services.


Most people tend to have the notion that anyone accused of rape is guilty. However, it is vital to have a highly experienced, qualified, and dedicated statutory rape defense attorney with the client’s best interests at heart. That’s why it is crucial to check the above qualities before settling for the best statutory rape defense attorney.

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