Remnant: From the Ashes is rethinking the way loot works in shooters

remnant from the ashes weapons

This is a third-person, three-player online action game that is all about traversing endless dungeons, fighting bosses, and accumulating new weapons and armor for persistent characters. But it’s not about smashing through loads of junk gear like Diablo or Destiny often do.

“There is loot, but our mantra has always been that every item in the game receives the treatment of a legendary item in another game,” says David Adams, co-founder and president of Gunfire Games, the studio behind Darksiders II and III. . “Instead of endless drops of increasingly different items, we have a ton of unique handcrafted items for the player to discover.”

You can visit vendors at the Remnant hub level to upgrade basic weapon and armor attributes with crafting resources, but this takes a backseat to larger augmentations that will add all-new alternate firing modes to weapons, and there will be a separate level of weapons that only bosses drop.

Bungie and Ubisoft

Though his studio is smaller than Bungie and Ubisoft, Adams is eager to differentiate the game from his team, which he says doesn’t belong in the looters and shooter subgenre. Yes, damage numbers float over enemies as you fight them. Yes, there is a standard inventory screen where you can change your body armor to optimize your dodge for an upcoming boss fight. While playing an early version of Remnant, the experience feels less cluttered and more snappy.

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The goal of the study is to create an action game that maximizes replayability by doubling the generation and variety of procedures. “As a simple example,” Adams tells me, “once during the game you can face a dragon as the final boss in our world of Ruined City, the second time you can face a giant tree. “

Games that promise the unfathomable rarely deliver what we expect. It’s encouraging to hear that Remnant will have more than 100 enemies and more than 20 bosses (Adams comments with respectful disbelief during my practice that The Division only has a handful of unique character platforms), but without playing the entire campaign, I can ‘say how different. it will be the behavior of these creatures.

Depth of Remnant’s

The exact depth of Remnant’s content remains to be seen, but I was able to get a more basic understanding of it after playing for about an hour. Repeating a section on the early world, an Earth that has been ravaged by, let me check my notes, a race of interdimensional alien trees, Remnant was offering me new designs in open urban areas and narrow underground utility tunnels. Every time I reloaded the zone, the game would present a map with different amounts of cover, new stair arrangements, or throw a different miniboss at me.

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Overall, I liked the Earth-level art direction, the way everything feels like it’s covered in a layer of world-ending dust allows the ruby ​​hues of enemy bodies to stand out as threats without using a clunky user interface. But if XCOM 2 can find ways to tell little stories on its random chess boards, Remnant can too.


In your hands, remnant from the ashes weapons over-the-shoulder combat style feels measured, heavier than games like The Division. You don’t feel like you’re controlling a linebacker in chainmail like in Gears of War; Resident Evil might be the best comparison.

Adams describes the fighting style as deliberate. “We don’t want players to rush in and shoot everything in sight without thinking or worrying about what they are fighting for. Uniquely, it also presents a perfect combination of close combat. Melee and Ranged. While weapons are the primary weapon in the game, players can seamlessly incorporate melee into their combat, and in fact most players will find themselves switching from side to side depending on the enemies they face. “

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