Risk of Rain 2’s Scorched Acres update is coming next week

risk of rain 2 rex

Hopoo Games unveiled a development roadmap for Risk of Rain 2 earlier this year that promised four updates before the full release in Spring 2020, starting in June with a new survivor, scenario, boss, items, and gear. Today, the studio revealed that the June update is called Scorched Acres and will arrive on June 25.

Scorched Acres

Hopoo really showed off what the Scorched Acres update almost certainly is earlier this month at E3. A “new survivor game reveal” on IGN featured a half-plant, half-robot survivor named Rex, who is new to the Risk of Rain universe (some Risk of Rain 2 characters are holdovers from the first game) and ” completely different “from the survivors that have appeared in the game before. Rex can be unlocked through a specific mission:

Hopoo was a bit elusive about it, but said it will allow players to chase Rex “explicitly”, rather than having to play the game for hours first. Most importantly right now, Rex is also featured in the image that Hopoo tweeted to announce the date for Scorched Acres, which is a pretty clear indicator that what they were showing was the pre-release game for that update.

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No further details at this time – the study said a “full breakdown” would be provided once the update is available. IGN Risk of Rain 2’s reveal “Rex” is below.

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