Rolex: A Class of Their Own

Rolex GMT

Rolex has always had a universe of its own. It is respected, valued, appreciated, and is known all over the world. Ordinary people will always look at Rolex and wonder why the world looks at them this way. It is as simple to say that Rolex is a watch company; they make watches. The question is, why are they revered all over the world and well respected.

The company does make watches, and frankly, the pieces they make have gone well past the role of what a timekeeper should be. Most people will take years to develop and understand an affinity with the watches but gloss over the history, craftsmanship, and how well the pieces work. You begin to understand why “Rolex is a Rolex,” and here are the reasons why.

Rolex GMT Master

The Rolex GMT Master collection is the brainchild of many professionals created for professionals. This means all the functionality that is expected of this watch has been met and perfectly executed. Because of this, the watch has been revered among pilots and people who frequently travel as the piece tells accurate time and almost all the time.

The Rolex GMT has many iterations, and each one is unique to its own. Given that they are the same watch, different models have different designs and features. In general, the watch has a 40 mm Oystesteel casing. Some do have 18-carat gold casings with assorted dials. A unique Oyster bracelet and the 24-hour rotating bezel finish off the GMT look.

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Rolex Submariner

People who have been waiting for Rolex to release a new model tend to wait a long time for that to happen. Rolex doesn’t release a new model every year like other companies, and the last new model was released in 2012. With that being said, the Rolex Submariner has been given a new upgrade. However, most would require a horologist to understand.

The Submariner, one of Rolex’s most iconic designs, has been retooled and updated to keep up with new watch technologies. The new Submariner is 1mm larger. It has a new calibre, with an almost 50 percent increase on the power reserve, and now comes with the latest escapement. In short, this is a Rolex designed to live longer than its owner.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Rolex has always valued its traditional looks and class, but someone who has a more upbeat personality languishes in bold statements. The new Oyster Perpetual is the Rolex for you. The revamped model has now come out with new colorful dials, which only signify fun. These are the ‘Stella’ dials that have become highly sought after, and Rolex knows this.

The new 36mm watch has been a hit to most of Rolex’s audience, and people loved its energy. It’s not steering away from the traditional Rolexes, but it’s more on giving people more quality choices. This has been a perfect example that Rolex isn’t stuck in their old ways, but they continue to grow with the times, and best believe, Rolex will stay in the next 100 years.

Rolex Explorer

The Rolex Explorer has always been in the middle of being a sports watch and a dress watch. Although the watch was discontinued after being in production for thirty years in 1989, most people still demand this model as this Rolex comes with Paraflex shock absorbers as it was designed for adventurers/explorers.

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The reality of all this is that the model comes with a beautifully proportioned dial. The numerals’ period detail, finished off by a matte finish, gives the watch a rugged look that people are still craving for. The Explorer addresses the people who need a durable wrist companion that can withstand heavy battering and always look classy while doing it.


When Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf decided that Rolex’s logo is a crown, he never realized that his brand would be the king of watches for more than a century. Rolex has been on top of everyone because of secrecy; people know so little about anything. Everything about them gives Rolex the charisma, and the quality is nothing but impressive.

Rolex will be here to stay as it has always been a brand that is recognized as a super brand frequently and has always been on top of the world’s most powerful brands. This has been no easy feat attained by the company. A testament to the people’s hard work behind each model, the quality and class are a level above everyone else.  Indeed, “Rolex is a Rolex.”

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