Skincare trends we can expect in 2023

Skincare trends we can expect in 2023

New year does not only bring resolutions, but it also brings new trends. These not only pertain to fashion and design, but also to skincare and makeup.

While you should always consult the Dermatologist in Islamabad when it comes to health of your skin, it does help to know what skincare trends are gaining traction.

You can then explore these trends to find out what works best for your skin. Moreover, skincare trends also play a role in the products available in the market.

Skincare trends we can expect in 2023

Expect work being done on skin barrier

Nothing beats a healthy, supple, and smooth skin. It not only looks beautiful, but it also allows you to put on makeup with ease. A healthy skin barrier also prevents your skin from becoming dry, and then breaking. As skin is the body’s first form of defense against the pathogens, therefore, not having a strong barrier is a matter of concern.

In 2023, expect skincare to focus on repairing skin barrier. It allows your skin to look healthy, and conditions like eczema are not exacerbated.

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Technology will continue in skincare

Technology has also become a staple in the skincare industry. And the pandemic has caused people to realize that going to the salon is not an option. Hence, skincare-tech items that can easily be used at home are going to become more common. These are not only convenient, but they also offer good results. Skincare tech also deals with trickier skin issues.

Niacinamide will continue reigning skincare

Niacinamide is a B-group vitamin. It helps in improving the lipid barrier, which allows your skin to maintain its hydration and stay healthy as a result.

Niacinamide also helps with minimizing the appearance of pores, a problem that haunts many people. It also helps in regulating sebum production, which aids in preventing oily appearance and breakouts.

Furthermore, niacinamide is beneficial for protecting against sun damage. As it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it is also a good anti-aging agent. It is also good for dealing with hyperpigmentation.

Therefore, it is a no surprise that niacinamide will continue making rounds in 2023 as well.

Products that cater to different concern

In 2023, you can expect to see products that offer more than one benefit to the skin. As people have come to realize, carrying multiple products is inconvenient and costly. Moreover, a complicated routine can also be confusing. Therefore, do expect products that are multitasking.

Body care is also going to boom

Skincare is mostly limited to facial skin care, but in 2023, it is expected to include body care as well. Since body skin tends to run into many problems like keratosis pilaris, back acne, and ingrowth hair, therefore, dealing with these issues is also important.

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Giving skin in break in between

Another skincare to trend to expect in 2023 is skin cycling. Essentially, it means that you let your skin rest in between a cycle of exfoliation, retinols, etc. It allows your skin to heal during this time.

Furthermore, giving the skin a break allows it to not become dependent on the skincare products alone. Since certain processes like exfoliation can cause the skin to have microtears, giving it rest allows it to heal.

Moreover, skin cycling is also very convenient; who has the time and energy to invest in tedious skincare routine, every night.

Minimalism will continue

COVID-19 brought on the realization that we do not always need 20-step skincare routine. Then came the consciousness about the planet, and people realized how using so many products add onto their carbon footprint, not to mention how it increases waste.

The changing economic landscape has also helped shift focus on minimalism, and we can expect this trend to continue. When two products are doing their job, why buy twenty then.

Your Skin Specialist in Lahore will also recommend going for quality over quantity. So, less is going to be more in 2023 as well.

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