Solo Travel: A Cure For Loneliness

solo travel

Loneliness is s thief. It is like a faceless burglar that takes away joy, adventure, relations, etc. and leaves you feeling depressed. Loneliness warps the way we perceive things, the way we view our relationships. And, your internal new feed becomes a loop of negative thoughts.

But what are the answers for loneliness? Well, one of the best cures for loneliness is quite simple and effective, i.e., a purposeful solo travel. 

You might have read several posts on why solo travel is the best kind of travel. However, one downside of travelling solo is you may find yourself alone or need someone to talk to.

But, rather than ignoring it, you have a great idea to tackle it. So, how can you overcome loneliness and make your solo travel a productive one? Keep reading to know!

Do Something That Makes You Happy Internally

What do you enjoy doing? Watching the game of thrones? Sitting with coffee and watching the sunset? Taking your camera and hitting the roads? Whatever you love, just do it. Everyone knows what it is that never fails to make us happy. As simple as that!

Aside from this, doing something for the vulnerable communities of the country you are visiting, is another excellent way to spend your time well. You can travel with any fruitful purpose that contributes to the welfare of the orphans, children, or the environment. You will feel more accomplished and happy.

Attend Events And Get In Touch With Other Solo Travelers

Now, this is the easiest way to cure loneliness. Many locals and travelers participate in events and meetups. They may also have the same purpose of travel as yours. This almost guarantees that you will find a like-minded person there to hang out with.

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You can also sign up for the event even before you reach the country. However, make sure to check that the authorities are legitimate and reputable, especially if it is related to some charity. 

Another great option is to take a walking tour. Many cities in the world offer free cycling tours and are full of adventurous travelers willing to learn something new. Join these programs, learn new skills, and have fun.

Give Some Luxury To Yourself

Sometimes, all you need is a slice of luxury to feel more comfortable. Furthermore, if you are traveling in a less developed country than yours, you want a hot shower and comfy bed after a tiring day. You can upgrade to a private room in the hostel or check out the latest hotel deals. Give yourself enough time to refresh and get ready to explore the world.

Savor Some Taste Of Home

When you are abroad, you may miss out on the minute details from back home. You’ll probably never realize how much you like Oreos when you can’t get them for a specific period of time.

While you may be able to find your favorites in a specialty store, but not everywhere! If you don’t, search for equivalent things you value. Who knows you may like them more than the packaged food items you can always get back home.

Travel Slower

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If you are going abroad for the first time, perhaps you have travel on your checklist. Remember, there is much more to explore than the popular tourist spots. Further, when you travel quickly, you don’t get time to process everything you see. Meeting the locals, making new friends, etc. may get lost along the way.

On the other hand, if you stay longer, you have an opportunity to interact with the people and explore the place. You may even find a companion to hang out with. Moreover, you can make friends for a lifetime and plan a trip together next time.

Gather Information About The Place Beforehand

The more you will read, the more things you will get to know. So, read as many books as you can. What better way than this to utilize your solo time? In fact, you may never get this much free time again.

Wrapping Up

Embracing the adventure during solo travel will help you overcome loneliness. You will gain new life experiences, have fun, and see the most hidden facts about it. On top of it, whatever good you do for the locals or any other social issue, it will be appreciated long after you have gone.

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