Someone made a model of the Stardew Valley wizard’s tower from garbage and it looks amazing

stardew valley wizard

Stardew Valley Wizarding Towe

I wish I had a little patience with the miniature model makers. The ingenuity with which these tiny worlds are made is quite impressive, and Studson Studios’ miniature Stardew Valley Wizard Tower is a testament to that. Studson took home the Pelican Town local assistant’s 2D pixel art and converted it into a 28mm tabletop model.

Studson’s step-by-step video explains how they built the tower, and it’s all about turning trash into treasure. Of all the details in the miniature, my favorite thing is the roof. It’s the perfect size for storing cubes, the finest pens, secret notes, and emergency snacks.

Studson Studio

Studson Studio has made a full line of game-inspired miniature models, including Donkey Kong’s Tree House and Animal Crossing’s Nooks Cranny. Head over to Studson’s YouTube page to watch all of the videos and go green with envy at their ingenuity.

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