SOPA Protests: Minecraft, Firefall, Reddit will shut down next week. Nvidia, Runic and Frozenbyte oppose the bill

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Red 5 CEO Mark Kern

Red 5 CEO Mark Kern confirmed to Shacknews that “Red 5 Studios will be joining Reddit in protest of SOPA shutting down on January 18. We will remove our website, community site and beta version of Firefall for 24 hours on the 18th “.

“Are extremely disappointed in this misguided legislation. This bill, and its sister bill, Protect IP, is it will shut down live streaming, scream streaming, user-generated content and have a chilling effect on game innovation and social media, “he added.

On Twitter, Notch has mentioned that and will be withdrawing next Wednesday in protest.

Nvidia expressed its opposition to SOPA on the Nvidia blog with this statement: “ESA did not consult NVIDIA to formulate its position on SOPA. Our position is as follows: we oppose piracy as it hurts our developer partners. We do not support SOPA. Do not believe it is the appropriate solution to the problem. We remain committed to working to address this problem in a constructive and fair manner. “

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Runic has posted his statement on his forums. The above names join a growing list of companies that oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act, including MLG, Epic, Trion, Riot Games, 38 Studios, Nival, and more. We believe it will be a disaster for the gaming communities, the media and beyond. If you reside in the USA, you can show your opposition to the invoice by contacting your local representative.

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