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There are many online tools that you can use to split or merge your PDFs, but only a few of them are reliable and safe to use. Splitting or combining PDF files is challenging, but you can get the job done in less than a minute if you use the right tools. So here are the best online tools to split and combine your PDF documents.


PDFBear is among the best online tools when it comes to splitting or merging your PDF files. You can easily use its online split PDF and combine PDF tools because it will provide an easy-to-performance guide for the newbies or old-timer users. Besides the mentioned features, you can also use PDFBear to convert, compress, repair, or protect your PDF files with zero cost. It’s also a convenient and efficient platform because it will provide you all the necessary tools to handle your PDFs.

PDFBear is also online-based, and anyone across the globe can use its different features via their mobile devices or computer. With that, you can easily split or combine your PDF files on the go. Aside from the tools that it can offer, it’s also the safest software to access. After you upload, edit, and download your files, the system of PDFBear will instantly remove those documents, not more than 60 minutes.

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This software has a little similarity with PDFBear when it comes to its interface. It also has features like PDF protect and unlock, converter tool with a vice versa function, and you can merge various PDF files simultaneously. This software also provides easy to comprehend instructions and effortless tools for editing PDFs.

Smallpdf also functions to split, rearrange, or remove PDF pages and combine it with other PDF files. Your files will also be deleted from the site after all the processes you do. But they will give you ample time to download the output you uploaded.

Combine PDF

From the name of the software itself, this merging tool is among the PDF functions that can be accessed hastily. With Combine PDF’s service, every user can merge 20 image docs or PDF documents into one data. It can also tweak the order of your PDF pages while doing the process of combining the files.

But even if it is named Combine PDF, this software does not solely function as a merger. It can also convert different format files, such as PDF to JPG, HTML, or Word, and vice versa. This software also offers assurance that all your docs are in safe hands. The files that you upload and edit in this software will be deleted after an hour.

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DocuPub is accessible online software that you can also rely on to perform a merging process. You might not hear this online merger tool usually, and is not as popular as PDFBear, Adobe Acrobat, or other PDF merger tool mentioned above. However, this software can still give you a satisfying service. It can efficiently merge your PDFs without feeling a little hassle on your part. DocuPub also has a tool to scale, resize, or compress your PDF data, and it is also possible to convert your PDF files to any file format that you want. This software will do it with ease and without any problem.


If you wish to split or merge your PDF files easily, you can always use this guide as your reference in achieving those processes. The online tools mentioned are handy and won’t complicate your life when handling your PDFs. Start using them, efficiently get the result you want, and avoid the stress when you manage your PDF documents.

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