Stardew Valley is getting bananas

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Eric Barone

Bananas are great, and it’s good news that they are coming to stardew valley trees thanks to a recent Twitter poll comparing tropical fruits to one another. Eric Barone confirmed Bananas as the victor today, and if that image above is anything to go on, it won’t be long before they are added to the game.

But quietly: the mangoes should have won. I don’t know why bananas managed to conquer mangoes, passion fruit, and avocados, which are easily the least interesting fruits among the four, but that’s the nature of public polls, I guess. If you voted for the mango, congratulations on its great taste.

The survey results are actually quite surprising for their mistake. Bananas obtained 30.6 percent of the votes, mangoes 29.3, avocados 26.5 and passion fruit 13.6. If the survey results better reflected the quality of these four fruits, it would be 85 percent mango, 10 percent passion fruit, and then bananas and avocados could fight over the little scraps.

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Regardless, it’s a great time to be a Stardew Valley enthusiast. Apparently there are still secrets in the game to discover, and there is even Stardew Valley ASMR today.

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