Forex Trading South Africa

Forex Trading

Forex Trading in South Africa  In 2017, according to the Bank of International Settlement, the daily marketing volume of retail forex exchange in South Africa reached $19.1bn, proving Africa’s largest volume. Africa has become the hub of many forex traders, particularly South Africa’s largest retail market.   Click to learn more about “globex360 trade demo account” … Read moreForex Trading South Africa

Stocks, cryptocurrencies, and Forex – what to trade

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Once upon a time, trading war was something only big fishes had access to. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, even the small fish can swim in the ocean of the opportunities the financial markets have to offer. This article will shed light on the dilemma relating to Forex, stock, or crypto trading, representing the most … Read moreStocks, cryptocurrencies, and Forex – what to trade