The best Stardew Valley mods

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Stardew Aquarium This incredibly awesome add-on created by a talented group of modders adds a complete aquarium to the game. Similar to Animal Crossing, the fish you donate to the aquarium become exhibits that you can see for…

Let’s all de-stress for a minute by looking at beautiful Stardew Valley farms

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Sometimes life is quite stressful, like when you wait for the results of a crucial election day that could hypothetically determine the future of your country. At times like these, nervously tapping your foot for 10 hours doesn’t…

This Stardew Valley mod adds six cute new shops to the base game

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Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town has a total of two stores. There’s Pierre’s General Store and of course the pit of misery that is JojaMart. Pierre’s has everything you need to become a successful farmer, but what if you…

How to master fishing in Stardew Valley without floundering

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Of all the relaxing activities in Stardew Valley, fishing is the most challenging. Mastering the minigame can be more stressful than entering a monster-ridden cavern with just a rusty sword and a fist full of cave carrots, even….

The Stardew Valley Expanded mod is ready for 1.5 with a big new farm

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Now that Stardew Valley’s foundations-shaking 1.5 update has been out for a bit, let me point out to you that a bunch of the game’s most popular mods are already updated and fit for purpose with it. Specifically,…

You can build Pam a house in the new Stardew Valley update

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Stardew Valley’s big update 1.3 is out today, at least in beta form. The most exciting part is definitely the new multiplayer system, but on top of that, there’s also a ton of new single-player content, and we’ve…

Stardew Valley is getting bananas

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Eric Barone Bananas are great, and it’s good news that they are coming to stardew valley trees thanks to a recent Twitter poll comparing tropical fruits to one another. Eric Barone confirmed Bananas as the victor today, and…

How to get rich transforming your Stardew Valley farm into a winery

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1. Start with a blank slate One of the most daunting tasks for new Stardew Valley players is the utter disaster of a farm that you start the game with. Left to the wild will of Mother Nature,…

How to get rich transforming your Stardew Valley farm into a winery

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Since the launch of Stardew Valley in February 2016, millions of players have given up the harsh daily grind of the city for the peaceful and idyllic lifestyle of farmers. But there is plenty to do in Stardew…

Stardew Valley update: What’s new in the latest patch

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Patch 1.4.5 February 11, 2020 – Bug fixes Fixed an issue in Windows where the game would initialize incorrectly and start without audio. Fixed an issue where walkable objects such as torches could block it from attacking nearby…