Taste Luxury With Drinking Mezcals

Drinking Mezcals

Being a mezcal lover is great. You can try a range of flavors and can garnish your mezcal drinks in whatever way you want. This cooked form of agave suits all occasions, and it’s great to have mezcals on your menu any day.

With mezcals becoming famous, several brands are introducing different mezcal bottles for different consumer types. On the other hand, bartenders are now getting creative with their mezcal. You can easily find the most luxurious mezcal servings at the bars, but almost all these can cost you a lot.

Realistically speaking, not everyone can always afford the bar-served branded scotches and mezcals. Yet, you shouldn’t let your tight budget ruin your meal and fun no matter what. Great-tasting mezcals are a sweet luxury that everyone deserves to try.

This is why you must know some amazing mezcal recipes and combinations to prepare at home. You don’t have to spend too much on high-end mezcals at the bar. Instead, you can get basic mezcal bottles to prepare delicious beverages using kitchen ingredients.

Given below are some of our favorite ways for drinking mezcals that you can easily try out at home. Just grab your favorite mezcal and try these recipes for a luxurious drinking experience.

Mezcal With Salt

Believe it or not but the best-tasting mezcal drinks are the easiest to prepare. If you’re bored of drinking the same mezcals all the time, then you can revamp your drink just with a pinch of salt. Just pour some mezcal in the glass, add some salt to taste, stir it, and drink.

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We promise you’d love the heightened flavor of salty mezcal, especially with a wholesome meal. You should try using high-quality white salt to give your drink a rich feel.

Mezcal With Ginger Beer

This is a great way to consume mezcal if you’re a ginger lover. The best part about ginger and mezcal drinks is that they can help promote digestion and are very light on your stomach. Hence, you can consume a glass of this combo after dinner or even late at night.

While many brands sell their versions of carbonated, non-alcoholic ginger beers, we suggest you prepare everything at home. Doing it all yourself allows more control over the beverage’s preparation and ensures a balanced flavor in your mezcal drink. Using fresh ginger, you’ll love this mezcal drink more than those servings you get at the bar.

 To prepare this mix, you need some neat mezcal of your choice, white or brown sugar to taste, ginger juice, and any carbonated drink you like. Mix the desired amount of ginger juice to the mezcal, add sugar and carbonated drink as per your preference, and it’s done.

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Sip this luxurious mezcal combination and lose yourself a little for some time.

Mezcal With Sparkling Water

If you’re hearing about this combination for the first time, don’t skip this part. Mezcals mixed with seltzer is a widely consumed beverage in some parts of the world, and it tastes great.

You can enjoy the rich mezcal taste even after mixing it with sparkling water. Just try to be specific with your choice of mezcal and seltzer. We suggest taking a seltzer with high minerals and mixing it with fruity-flavored mezcal. Such a choice will give your drink a floral, cocktail-like flavor that is perfect for all occasions.


We shared some of the easiest ways to make your mezcal drinks better and luxurious. If you’re ready to do more than the bare minimum, you can mix your mezcals with a range of nuts. You can also add fruit juices to your mezcal to prepare rich-flavored and affordable mezcal drinks at home.

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