The 10 Best Celebrity Lapel Pins You Need in Your Collection

Celebrities have always been trendsetters, showing us how to wear clothing with style and grace. Nowadays lapel pins are the newest fashion accessory for celebrities, allowing them to make a statement or complete their outfit. We’ve found out which lapel pins stars love wearing the most and who is sporting these stylish accessories.

1. Soaring American eagle pin

Americans are immensely attached to their symbols, and the flying eagle is a fine example of this. Wearing such an emblem on your lapel can be seen as an act of patriotism that will not go unrecognized. Celebrities in particular should take advantage of showcasing positive nationalism by wearing soaring eagle pins, which come in captivating designs and vibrant hues ranging from silver and gold materials crafted from dependable metals.

2. Holiday pins

Elegant fashion holiday pins are the perfect accessory for celebrities to complete their sophisticated look. Whether it be a celebration, party, or costume event – having 3-4 of these festive pins can ensure you always look your best during the holidays! Popular options include Christmas, Halloween, and Independence Day lapel pins which can easily be found online or offline. If you’re looking for something truly unique, Vivipins offers custom designs with no minimum quantity required at an unbeatable price.

3. National Flag Lapel Pin

Display your pride for your country with a national flag lapel pin! You can choose from two different designs: still or waving. The detailing is precise and the colors accurately resemble those of the actual flag. Plus, when you get them made with enamel they last longer than any other material out there. Whether you’re headed to an event or just running errands, wearing one of these pins will never be inappropriate – it’s always a timeless accessory no matter what occasion! Make sure to purchase yours only from reputable manufacturers so that you know its quality won’t let you down.

Showcasing a creative spin on national flags, lapel pins have found wide-ranging use to vocalize social messages. At the 2018 Oscar Awards ceremony, celebrities wore an orange American flag pin in solidarity with victims of gun violence across America – making a loud yet peaceful statement against this heinous crime. By donning this iconic symbol that represents values known and shared by all Americans, they sent out an important message for true action toward tackling the issue of gun control.

4. Crown lapel pin

With its classic and timeless design, the crown lapel pin makes a statement that is both elegant and stylish. Created from metal with minimal lettering, these pins can spruce up an outfit for any formal occasion. Celebrities have been seen wearing these fashionable pieces of jewelry to add class to their look – so why not make yourself stand out at your next event by sporting one? With tassels adding extra flair, you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go.

5. Custom numbers lapel pins

At the 2018 ACM Awards, celebrities paid homage to those tragically affected by gun violence with custom lapel pins featuring 851, 1 and 58. This was in remembrance of the Las Vegas music festival shooting that had occurred months before. Notable figures donning these meaningful pins include Karen Fairchild and Tyler Hubbard. These numbers represent the 58 people who were killed during this senseless attack as well as 851 victims who experienced injury from it; additionally, number one symbolizes how a single life can be saved through strong conversations driven by influential stars like them.

6. Raised fist pin

Celebrities are no strangers to protest, as many of them partake in protests or create content supporting this cause. As part of the Black Lives Matter movement, a black raised fist lapel pin has been created for both men and women – thus enabling these celebs to proudly express their unwavering stance on a variety of issues. Furthermore, this lapel pin serves as an emblem of resistance and unity – making it an ideal gift item too

7. Animal Lapel Pins

Celebrities are notorious for their adoration of animals, including those more exotic. You too can proudly display your favorite animal with a lapel pin and even recognize conservation efforts. Just look at Tom Hardy’s tiger-head pin at the Royal Wedding in 2018–it spoke volumes! It contributed to him being one of the most dapperly dressed men there! So now you know what an incredible impact that a lapel pin could have on your wardrobe; will you take advantage?

8. Custom Insect Lapel Pins

We can thank Ivanka Trump for this! She’s renowned for her stunning wardrobe and we suspect that she really puts thought into it. One of the ways she accessorizes is with lapel pins- including an American flag pin at one point in time. But recently, something different graced her ensemble; a bee lapel pin! It was metallic but seemed to have some soft enamel accents as well – perfectly complementing the rest of her look.

9. Peace sign lapel pin

The iconic international peace symbol is created by two fingers, slightly separated from one another. It has become a fashionable accessory as well; most notably in the form of a lapel pin. This versatile piece can be worn for any special occasion or event, having been designed with all types of occasions – formal and informal – in mind. Plus, you have an array of colors to choose from that will perfectly match whatever outfit you decide to wear!

10. Social Causes and Awareness pins

Promoting social justice and awareness has become commonplace for celebrities, many of whom have chosen to express their messages through lapel pins. Last year’s Golden Globe Awards was a prime example; several celebrities proudly sported the Times Up pin in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment and abuse. Justin Timberlake made quite an impression when he showcased his own Time’s Up pin, looking dapper as ever! With this simple symbol on display, one could not help but recognize how powerful it is to amplify voices that are often silenced.

Lapel pins have become a popular fashion staple, first embraced by the military and now even more widely used among civilians. Celebrities especially stand out with their stylish use of lapel pins; these 10 specially designed pieces are perfectly sized for comfort while making bold statements about the wearer’s personal style and beliefs. No matter who you are, adding one or two of these fashionable accessories to your wardrobe is sure to elevate any look – so why not treat yourself today?

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