The 5 best online reverse lookup tools in 2023

online reverse lookup tools


Absolutely no one finds calls from unknown numbers a comforting experience. However, with the assistance of online reverse lookup tools, you can get past that experience by identifying every caller that dials your number. A reverse phone lookup is the opposite of a traditional way of looking up a contact.

The reverse phone algorithm utilizes the phone number to check out the details of the owner. It is a fast and reliable way to the identity behind a spam call. Although some unknown calls are from long-distance family and friends, they could also be from strangers who want to scam or prank you in a disturbing manner.

A reverse phone lookup would provide comprehensive background detail on the stranger which would be useful to determine the next line of action, whether to block and in some cases report.

Various sites provide reverse phone number lookups on the internet. A good number of them provide decent services with useful information but quite a few can be ambiguous and uncoordinated in their reporting.

Here is a curation of the best reverse phone lookup tools in 2023.

  1. NumLooker – its attention to detail in the preparation of its report.
  2. USPhoneLookup -. It is a fast reverse-lookup search website that uses a network of partner sites
  3. USPhoneSearch – It does not keep a record of its searched phone numbers.
  4. WhoseNumber – uses 24/7 user support on its site to ensure a solid experience.
  5. WhatIsThisNumber – It can provide details on VoIP, landline, and mobile numbers.


NumLooker is popular among reverse phone lookup service users because of its attention to detail in the preparation of its report. This is because of its access to a wide range of public records across several government agencies. In addition, it uses digital footprints to track the online presence of the searched phone number; this allows it to provide additional social media details on the searched result.

The site boasts a good User Experience because of its easy-to-use page setup. The search icons are very conspicuous and well-detailed “how to” to carry out every search. There are also no limits to the number of searches that can be carried out.

Numlooker also uses high-end encryption to ensure that all searches and results are protected. This encryption ensures that every search result is private. This means that the searched number nor any other third party can be privy to the searched information.

It is also very exciting to note that Numlooker provides all of this information for free.

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  • Reports are more detailed than contemporary reverse lookup sites.
  • The site is very easy to navigate
  • High-end encryption ensures User privacy
  • Cost no Dime


  • It is best with US-based numbers

Check Out Numlooker For A Detailed Background Report



It’s the go-to site to search for US phone numbers. It is a fast reverse lookup search website that uses a network of partner sites and records available to the public to develop a concise report on a lookup phone number.

USPhoneLookup is also a great reverse lookup site because of its periodic updates. It carries out updates on all its records once new information is available to the public.

It also provides extra details on its searches such as employment status, email, previous address, and contacts of a close relative


  • Awesome for US phone number lookup
  • A great network of partner sites that fast-track site search
  • The extra details make its report unique


  • A poor result on non-US contacts.
  • Some information might be inaccurate.

Visit USPhoneLookup To Do A Free Reverse Phone Lookup Now



The advanced encryption on a search carried out on USPhoneSearch makes it a safe reverse lookup site for use. It does not keep a record of its searched phone numbers, this means the owner of the phone number nor a third party who might be hackers have access to what is searched.

It is a great tool to nab a potential prankster or scammer as it gives details on the criminal record and address in its report.

Its page layout is also unique, distinguishing it from other reverse lookup sites.


  • Unique and easy-to-use page layout
  • Good user privacy policy


  • Reports can be cumbersome to read.
  • Cannot search non-US number

Check Who That Spam Caller Is On USPhonSearch



WhoseNumber uses 24/7 user support on its site to ensure a solid experience on its site. It allows its most active users to help new users to maximize the search algorithm.

The source of information of this tool is comprehensive and broad. It employs local, state, and federal records to add information about employment status, and criminal and sometimes public debt records. It also provides information about the business or services attached to the search phone Number. It could also contain Details on owned properties.


  • The report is styled to highlight the most important details.
  • Innovative 24/7 User support.
  • Well researched reports


  • It omits details other lookup sites would provide.

Access Information On An Unknown Number Using WhoseNumber Search



It is purely dedicated to reverse phone lookup service, it uses advanced technology to comb through a wide range of online phone directories. It can provide details on VoIP, landline, and mobile numbers.

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It also provides comprehensive detail on toll-free numbers. Its deep search algorithm ensures that every bit of information attached to the phone number is provided.

Meanwhile, its social media tracking might be a little ambiguous and might be able to provide accurate information always.


  • Can search all numbers including Toll-free numbers
  • A deep search algorithm provides a lot of information


  • Inaccuracy in reported information
  • No added features.

Use WhatIsThisNumber To Lookup The Unknown Caller

Why are these sites the best?

Here are a few reasons why these sites have been ranked the best service providers

  • Relevant and Accurate information: A reverse phone lookup is as useful to the extent of the accuracy of the information it provides. A good reverse lookup service must be able to provide quality information that is presented in a comprehensible and aesthetically orderly manner. A clumsy report is nothing a good reverse lookup site should have.
  • Speed of Search: Just like conventional search engines, reverse lookup sites should be to carry out background checks on the searched numbers in split seconds. This would come in handy in moments when time-bound information is needed.
  • Ease of Use: No one wants to enroll in school just to carry out a reverse lookup search. The site must be simple to navigate and report easy to navigate. This is needed not just to ensure a stress-free experience but pivotal when needed to identify the potential prankster.
  • Database: Reverse Phone recovery sites are as great as their database; recovery sites utilize public data records and online footprint algorithms to obtain data. The best reverse phone lookup service providers have increased efficiency by partnering with sites and cell carriers, hence better results. Routine updates on their database to eradicate obsolete data and keep relevant data only


In this era where there is an upward tick in the rate of online scamming through spam calls and robocalls, you should protect yourself from being a victim by identifying every unknown caller. An effective way of doing this is through the use of reverse phone number lookup tools.

We have put together an amazing list of the best reverse phone lookup tools to use in 2023. These tools are recommended because of their sophistication and ease of usage. The reverse lookup tools also have other added features that make them unique and more importantly they are free to use.

Get started today and identify your unknown callers using a reverse phone lookup service.

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