The best Hearthstone Duels decks and strategies for each class

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Looking for the best hearthstone arena tier list Duels decks for each class? Duels is Hearthstone’s new game mode, finally bringing the PvP Dungeon Runs dream to life. Starting with a small deck built of fifteen singleton cards and a signature treasure, you fight through a sand glove against other players while building ridiculously powerful decks. It might seem overwhelming at first, but with this list of starting decks and class strategies, you’ll be a top-tier duelist in no time.

The best Hearthstone Duels decks and strategies for each class


 Lucia Jensen, CEO of WeLoans, says that Hearthstone is very powerful and has strategies for each class. Hearthstone is a fast-paced strategy card game from Blizzard Entertainment. Available now on PC, Mac, iPad, and iOS and Android mobile phones.

After starting out as one of the worst classes in the format, Rogues now have two decent archetypes to choose from. You can stick with rogue maneuvers and deadly weapons 101, or you can go for an endless variety of combo shooters and cheap board presence with Connections and Nerubian Peddler. The latter has a lot more staying power and has a better chance of a deep run, but the former may be easier to start if you’re new to the format, especially since it’s cheaper to build.

The one mana dagger (which becomes a 2/2 with Combo) is a brutally consistent and efficient tool, reminiscent of the “Even” decks of the past. The class now always has access to a dagger with minimal mana investment, allowing for more consistent strategies that revolve around weapon upgrades.

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You can also try to drown your enemies in resources using Connections, with the nearly infinite combo triggers and cheap takedown options it offers (each Informant deals 1 damage to a random enemy minion when played). I’ve featured such a deck below, one that reached 12 wins when driven by Ramses_hs:

Cover code:

Cost: 8700

Hero Power: Rogue Maneuvers
Signature Treasure: Deadly Weapons 101

Best Passive Treasure: For a Rogue Maneuver deck, Group 1’s best choice is Pillage the Fallen. It provides you with new weapons for zero mana, allowing you to play perks like Deadly Poison without any setup. It also serves as a guaranteed source of burn damage over the course of the game, making it an obvious choice. Since you can still do Rogue shenanigans, anything with reduced mana cost benefits you greatly as well, including Crystal Gem for early combo weapon builds.

The best group 2 picks are Double Time and Emerald Goggles for standard mana traps. If you’re playing a Connections deck, you can get a lot out of Sticky Fingers and From the Swamp.


Shamans were the pioneers in dueling from the beginning. They were brutalized by a nerf, but now they’re poised for a comeback thanks to their strong Whispers of the Old Gods-class cards. Evolve can be an instant knockout punch on a wide board, while Flamewreath Faceless paired with Lightning Bloom is an early nightmare game. Primal Fusion and Thing from Below synergize well with specific Totem strategies. This means that you must stick with Fluctuating Totem to get synergies. The addition of Grand Totem Eys’or to the summons pool has made the class viable once again, allowing you to build a surprisingly tall table entirely from totems.

Cover code: AAEBAaoID / DUA + DMA / qqAvaqAuHMA + 4B3 + EDnM4D9c4Dp94D96oC / gWTCabRA / uqAgAA

Cost: 6220

Hero Power: Totemic Power
Signature Treasure: Fluctuating Totem

Best Passive Treasure: Recycling used to be a sleeping OP pick because it shuts down any burn-based strategy and is a strong contender once again. Try cannibalism as a strong aggressive alternative. Unfortunately, Band of Bees is now an ultra rare treasure, so you shouldn’t bet on finding it in group 2.

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Grommash Hellscream in the face! This is how most of your warriors’ victories will end in duels. Greedy Builds with Rattlegore are the current kings of the format. A starter deck packed with survival tools followed by a two-turn kill setup is what you’ve got here, one of which goes a long way toward enhancing the warrior hero’s power (now with just one mana). Auto-Armaments signature treasure makes it easy to scour your deck to find combo cards. Just be careful. Brewster the Brutal doesn’t do enough for seven mana in Duels, an overpriced removal / redraw tool that doesn’t do anything the Warriors can’t normally deal with. The same goes for Menagerie’s antics.

The best active treasures

Not all Dueling treasures are passive effects; many are minions and single playable spells. Although your class and deck will have a great impact on the correct choice, some of them are above the others and should always be considered. They also don’t always appear at the same time. Their first treasure offerings are from “group one”, which are considerably weaker than the spectacular ones from “group two.”

Hyperblaster is a brutally effective removal tool for all classes that do not rely on weapons to inflict facial damage. Surly Mob, Wand of Disintegration, and Staff of Scales serve a similar role. Wax Rager (and to a lesser extent, Grimmer Patron) can instantly beat him to the game if he relies on early wide boards. In the late game, Dreamgrove Ring offers a similar type of threat. Phaoris’ Blade will scale to lethal damage in just a few turns, although he’s not as good as he used to be, after being downgraded to five mana LOCUUUUSTS !!! and Pure Cold can enhance any burn-based strategy. They are all great cards, but only your decision making can get you up to twelve wins.

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