The Best Ways to Find out If Your Laguiole Knives Are Genuine

Laguiole Knives

Laguiole knives have a handmade feel, and they can be quite costly. The knife may be fake if someone offers a low price. But there are other ways to confirm the authenticity. There are other ways to do this. We’ll explain them later in the article.

But before you purchase anything authentic, make sure you find the right dealer. We’ve found the right dealer for you, i.e., Laguiole knives. If you’re looking to purchase original knives, make sure to stop by their store. They only deal in knives, so, other than Laguiole, you can also find many different knives in their store.


It is not registered as a trademark. Anyone can make it. However, the user must know how to do it. The original manufacturing process involved 170 manual tasks. It takes incredible craftsmanship. You must be an expert in your field to ensure that the knife has the same characteristics.

Only authentic, knowledgeable manufacturers can make the best knives. Additionally, the blade and handle quality depends on the manufacturer.

Fakers Abound

Many fake manufacturers only use a mold for similar knives. This is not a problem for the Chinese market. But this trick is also used by French manufacturers. There are many of these fake Laguiole available on the market.

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Because anyone can use the brand’s name, they also offer certificate packaging. Who can overlook it? The packaging will include the words “authentic” as well as “traditional.” But this does not make it one. These words don’t have any value.

It is often difficult to locate the true product due to these reasons. This is why you should know all details about the product. Also, be sure to learn about craftsmanship. It is possible to make a faux knife if your skills are not up-to-standard.

To get authentic and real products, it is important to consider certain aspects. This includes the following:

  • Blade Quality and Serration

Laguiole knives cannot be serrated. This means that the blade must not have any teeth, cartel, or saws and should be clean and sharp. Although serrated knives have their benefits, they are not the Laguiole. It’s clear that you don’t have the real thing if you own a serrated razor blade.

The original, traditional blade is a simple edge one that offers razor cutting. You’ll always get straight cuts. However, a sharpened blade can tear through materials with sharp edges. The cuts, for instance, will be very similar to those made by a saw.


The next time you use a knife, ensure that the cuts are clean and neat. If the meat can be sliced, and the edges are not uneven, then the blade is good. Fake knives are those that break apart the fibers and give the cut a rough look.

  • Price tag

Everything, beginning to end, is manual labor. Laguiole, therefore, is known for its handmade knives. A traditional French knife, Laguiole is also made in France. This means that the best craftsmen, as well as manufacturers, are also located here. Apart from this, the handle and steel type of blade is unique.

People have sold 6 of these knives for only 10 euros. We now know how each knife is made and what the quality is. It’s not worth the cost, you know this.

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