The Functions of GogoPDF: How to Use Them Effortlessly


Even if you are a newbie or a frequent user, you won’t have a hard time using the functions of GogoPDF. This online software is the handiest and most secure tool that anyone can access on the internet. You can visit GogoPDF to convert, read, or rotate your PDFs without any problem at all. Users are also provided with easy-to-follow instructions when using different functions. So here’s how to use some of the features of GogoPDF.

PDF Converter

PDF files are important because it’s what people use today to exchange and present documents reliably. This file format is the handiest and most secure portable file format that people can use, but it does not always fit every purpose. Time will come that users will have to convert their PDF documents into PPT, Word, JPG, or Excel into different file formats and vice versa.

You can manually input every detail in a PDF document, which is a time-consuming and tedious process, or you can resort to using the converter from GogoPDF to make your life more manageable and effortless in converting your files.

This online-based software is available to help the users have an accessible life. You only need to upload your document, and GogoPDF will finish the rest for you. We are multiple functions combine into one. Instead of visiting different websites to convert your documents into Word, PPT, JPG image, or Excel files, you can do all that conversion processes with GogoPDF. You will be amazed by the functions that we have. Start using this PDF converter free tool and follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the PDF file from your PC or drag it in the website’s conversion bar.
  2. The server will start scanning and extracting your file.
  3. Please wait for the conversion tool to copy the source file’s text and format and convert it into the file format you want.
  4. Start downloading your file or share it.
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PDF Reader

If you wish to read your PDF documents, but the memory storage on your PC or device is low for apps, then you need to start using this PDF reader from GogoPDF. Since GogoPDF is web-based, you can easily read, view, or open your PDFs on your computer or mobile devices anytime and anywhere. After trying this online function, you will always want to use it to read your PDFs.

GogoPDF has many features that people can use, like numbering PDF pages, zoom in on any portion of the document, and rotate any chosen PDF pages. If you want to read a PDF file that is long easily, we can make the task more manageable because you can view a couple of pages simultaneously. To experience the convenience and comfortable life when reading a PDF file, try this tool today! Here are the necessary steps on how to operate this function:

  1. Choose the PDF document from your device or drag it into the website’s conversion box.
  2. Wait for the server to process your file.
  3. Apply the changes that you want into your file.
  4. Download the file to your computer, or you can share it somewhere else.

Rotate PDF

It is a common thing that always happens to many people – you ask your classmate or colleague for a document and mistakenly sent you a rotated or upside down one before a presentation or meeting starts. If you need to change the position of a PDF as soon as possible but do not have enough moment, you can easily use this function from GogoPDF.

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There’s no need to panic because we will help you solve your problems. This online function can rotate any PDFs in less than a minute. Rotate your PDF documents fast and easy! Rotate any pages the way you want and merge different files in one document. You can process everything or work on specific PDF pages only, and the decision is yours. Every adjustment you made to the original PDF document will also reflect if you print the file. So below are the easy steps to rotate your PDF file:

  1. Upload the file that you wish to turn. Get it from your PC and drag the file into the toolbox.
  2. Start rotating your PDF document. Do everything that you need to do.
  3. Apply the changes to your file.
  4. Download the document to your desktop or share it on any social media platform.


Using GogoPDF will remove your headache in handling multiple PDF files. You can use this online software to convert, split, merge, compress, or even protect your PDFs. Anyone can access this website using any gadgets and for free.

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