The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Manage Pimples and Annoying Acne

Pimples and Annoying Acne

The biggest bump on the road that leads to clear and flawless skin is recurring pimples and acne! Almost every girl has dealt with painful pimples at least once in her life that results in a long and irritating journey. Having a pimple is a nightmare especially if you have to head out anywhere. These popups on the skin are mainly a result of oily and acne-prone skin or an unhygienic routine. It is an extremely common skin condition that happens to almost everyone but if ignored can also become red and painful.

A lot of women tend to apply a lot of makeup products to hide pimple marks but in reality, it needs a permanent solution. For smooth and supple, there are ample beauty and face care tools available in the market that claim to instantly cure pimples. However, making a few changes in your lifestyle and beauty routine barely costs nothing and helps to deal with this consistent skin issue. So, let’s break down a few simple tips that you can follow.

How to Get Rid of Pimples for a Clear Skin

Remove Makeup before Sleeping

Remove Makeup before Sleeping

It might be tempting to hit the bed as soon as you get home but skipping the night skincare causes extensive damage to the skin. While we sleep and take rest, our skin does the same and gets time to renew. When you leave the makeup on the face, the skin is unable to breathe, and this leads to breakouts in form of pimples and acne. If in a jiffy, keep a makeup cleanser and cotton pads handy that easily remove the makeup off the skin. For more thorough and deep cleansing, use a face wash and ensure wearing a facial band to keep the baby hair away from the eyes. This will help with better and smooth cleansing of the face.

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Avoid Skipping Regular Skincare

Avoid Skipping Regular Skincare

Investing your time and efforts in a daily skincare routine not only helps to avoid pimple breakouts but also makes it look youthful and refreshing. While the term skin care may sound like much of a task but is very easy to follow and maintain. Whether you go out or stay at home, apply makeup or let your skin free, a good skincare routine covering all the three major steps of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing eventually reduces wrinkles, and open pores, and enhances the appearance with a youthful glow. Once your skin looks rejuvenated, your self-esteem automatically will get boosted.

Change the Pillowcase 

People struggling with acne-prone skin may not know this but sleeping on a dirty pillowcase is one of the main reasons behind skin breakouts. Everyone who loves being in bed the whole day chilling or working use a pillow to rest their heads and bring their face in close contact. If you don’t wash your sheets and pillowcases for weeks, they can become a breeding ground for germs. As a result, it leads to popped pimples and acne on the face of people with sensitive skin. Aside from making tweaks in your beauty routine, make sure to keep changing the bed sheet and cushion/pillow covers to maintain hygiene.

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Treat the Blackheads

Treat the Blackheads

The juggling with pimples is constant but that is going to change pretty soon by overcoming blackheads. Small dot-sized appearance on the nose- also known as blackheads and whiteheads leads to clogged pores with a substance known as sebum. If not treated, they form acne on the face, shoulder, and back. Therefore it goes without saying that if you have oily skin, then you should exfoliate and extract using a blackhead remover tool. Instead of squeezing it with your hands, prep your skin till the pores open up and press the tool gently on the skin to extract the clogged pore. Avoid putting too much pressure or else it may lead to inflammation. Clean the area later to avoid any infection.

Minor changes made in the daily lifestyle and beauty regime result in clear and healthy-looking skin. Follow these quick tips and bid adieu to pimples and acne.

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