The main trends of 2022: what will be in fashion next year and what things should be paid attention to now

Cactus plant flea market

Despite the fact that there are still five months before the new year, designers, like real oracles, predict the trends of the Cactus plant flea market. From what we have already seen at the last Fashion Weeks, it becomes clear that there is a lot of interesting ahead of us: the return of the low waist and power dressing style, the victory of neon over neutral shades, fancy accessories in the form of fur bags and sneakers with a pointed toe – we tell what things that will become real hits in 2022 are worth looking at right now and what of this must be added to your wardrobe.

For a long time, it was believed that only classic pastel-colored coats had a place in the basic wardrobe, but in the fall-winter 2021 season, designers staged a real rebellion against this rule. Prada, Sacai, Nina Ricci and many other brands have shown in their collections not just bright, but even neon models of different styles – from “robes” with a belt at the waist to dimensionless “cocoons” that will not only warm in cold weather, but also cheer up.

Pointed Toe Sneakers

Despite the fact that romance and tenderness are gradually returning to fashion again, the influence of sports style on designers is still very strong. One of the most controversial, but, of course, spectacular trends of the next year will be sneakers with a pointed toe, which perfectly fit into the category of ugly shoes. So far, even stars and fashion influencers (even those who are crazy about outrageous) do not dare to wear them, but they are sure that a couple of months will pass, and gradually such shoes will fill the streets of the largest megacities and our Instagram feeds.

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Another trend of the cold season will be knitwear, especially sweaters, cardigans and vests, which look as old-school as possible, as if they were brought to us by a time machine from the 1960s. Of course, to find these, you don’t have to spend hours in vintage shops or rummage around in a dusty country attic – very soon they will appear in abundance in the assortment of both luxury and mass-market Anti Social Social Club.

Fur bags

One of the main materials for next year will be fur, which will appear not only on coat collars, but also on shoes, accessories and bags. If you prefer a more discreet style, rely on models in natural shades, with which you can even go to the office, but if you like to surprise, then feel free to wear pink, green and yellow colors, as well as animal prints – like a leopard, zebra or plumage exotic birds.
Outdoor style down jackets

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If you, according to the saying, prefer to prepare your sleigh in the summer and are already looking for a down jacket that perfectly combines fashion and comfort, look for outdoor jackets, similar to extreme sports equipment. They not only look catchy and unusual, but also protect well from cold and wind, do not get wet and also fit into everyday looks cool, so they can be worn with relaxed boots and boots with heels – the choice depends only on the weather conditions…

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