The new Stellaris expansion lets you do an Emperor Palpatine: ‘I AM the Senate’.

i am the senate

Expanding Space 4x Stellaris’ newest expansion, Federations, allows you to form a galactic community. It is an organization that spans the entire galaxy, and everyone is a member whether they like it or not. (Except if you’re North Korean space, or an empire of machine exterminators or whatever.)

Different voting blocs have different levels of power and eventually an analog of the UN security council can be established. It is a great maneuver that allows you. If you are smart, you can become a permanent member … then you can reduce the membership to one … so, well, you are the Senate.

The strategy can be achieved by accumulating a large number of favors from other empires, and then maneuvering the player’s empire into the position of being the only permanent member of the council. Once this is done, the size of the council is slowly reduced … slowly. The opposition to the final vote will be huge, so you will redeem the huge pool of favors for a great boost to your political power. Congratulations! You are now the Senate.

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Stellaris: Federations is the latest expansion to Paradox Development Studio 4x Stellaris’ sci-fi grand strategy. It introduces a wide range of new features, including new types of Federation and Community Galactica alliances. You can learn more about federations on the official Paradox website.

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