The Quick Buying Guide to Motorcycle Sound Systems

Motorcycle Sound System

One of the primary reasons why people love motorcycles is because it gives you a kind of freedom that cars don’t. Road trips on bikes and motorcycles are an entirely different experience. One that is exhilarating and exciting and makes you feel alive.

But simply having a good looking motorcycle isn’t enough. If you want a true taste of the adventure, you have to get yourself a key piece of equipment and that is – a sound system.

A motorcycle sound system does the job of tying up the whole experience of riding a bike. The experience of hitting the open road with your favourite tunes is one that you shouldn’t miss out on at all.

So, we’ve created a quick buying guide in order to help you in setting up a system for your bike.

What’s a motorcycle sound system?

Well, just like the sound system in a car or a truck, motorcycles have attachable sound systems too. They are smaller in size, as compared to an average car stereo and affixed to the motorbike handles.

Over time, through constant innovation, these sound systems have improved a lot. Nowadays, there’s almost no difference between a sound system that’s in a motorcycle and one that is in a car or any other four-wheeler.

What to look for when buying a motorcycle sound system?

Before you purchase a sound system for your bike, make sure that you keep in mind the following features.

1. Durability – While looking for a motorcycle sound system, durability should be the first thing in your mind. Unlike the case of cars and trucks, your sound system will be in the open when you’re on a motorbike. So it needs to be able to withstand harsh weather, fast winds, dust, and a lot of impact without getting damaged. I know that it may seem like a lot to ask for but this is the bare minimum. If you don’t get a speaker that fulfills these criteria, you’ll end up with a damaged sound system within a couple of days. So make sure that you check out all it’s durability features.

  1. Warranty – Although we discussed durability just above, in the case of sound systems on motorbikes, you can never say for sure when it might get damaged. Since it remains exposed to all kinds of climate, the chances of it dying on you are higher than sound systems or speakers on other vehicles. So a solid warranty assurance is impertinent. Whether or not the seller provides a warranty is also a reflection of their product quality and the company’s belief in the goods that they manufacture.
  2. Bluetooth Pairing – While you do have the option of not opting for Bluetooth speakers, we highly suggest that you do. Having Bluetooth-enabled speakers allows you to listen to your favorite tracks directly from your favorite music app, whereas in the case of other speakers you’d have to use a cord or USB, which can be quite risky while on a motorcycle. Bluetooth speakers can also help you in navigation since you can connect your GPS to it and receive real-time instructions as you’re driving.
  3. Pricing – Last but not least is pricing. Motorcycle sound systems are definitely an investment and a pricey one at that but, it doesn’t mean that you will spend a huge chunk of your money on it. Nowadays, there are a large number of sellers and manufacturers in the market. So, you can be assured that you will find a model that fits your needs and features as well as your budget. There is no need for you to overshoot your budget at all.
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Top 3 motorcycle sound systems:

Now that you have a good idea about motorcycle sound systems and how to buy them, here are our top 3 picks.

1. Boss Audio MCBK520B

With booming sound and a look that is sleek and suave, these Boss Audio speakers are the perfect accessory to your motorbike. They are totally weatherproof, from top to bottom. So regardless of which weather you’re in, they’ll continue to give you great service.

2. Pyle PLMCA51BT

Another amazing set of Bluetooth speakers are these ones by Pyle. The amplification on these is one of a kind and they have a sound quality that will drown out all other noise. They’re fully water-resistant and weatherproof, so you can be assured that no matter where you go, you can keep listening to your favorite tunes.

3. Lexin LX-S3

If you want a speaker that lets you play music through Bluetooth but allows you to enjoy FM services as well, the LX-S3 by Lexin is the one for you. With a gorgeous design and amazing utility, it’s the perfect speakers for those who want versatility.

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