This week’s big Warframe update is a mix of mummies and emoji

sands of inaros

A mummy awakens in Warframe. There’s no word on whether a stupid Brendan Fraser will follow suit (we hope not), but for now, look for the mummy-themed Inaros Warframe – which looks pretty cool – coming out tomorrow when Warframe gets its first major update of 2016 : Sands of Inaros.

Inaros Blueprint

The Inaros Blueprint is unlocked by completing the new Sands of Inaros quest. “Charge to convert health into hardened scarab armor,” the latter reads in the description. “Discharge to blow up enemies with a swarm of scarabs; survivors have depleted health and bestowed on allies.”

Reactor Sabotage

In terms of ship sabotage missions, Reactor Sabotage 2.0 brings “interactive mission objectives that change depending on the squad’s playstyle,” according to the update protocol. “These targets create unique environmental hazards and different extraction objectives depending on the squad’s choice. The squads can choose to carry out the attack, defend an important piece of the reactor, or take a more stealthy approach to achieving the goal.”

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New weapons include Lesion, “an instrument of relentless harm,” Mutalist Cernos, a bow with poisonous arrows, and Dual Toxocyst, a bio-weapon with a headshot bonus.

Digital Extremes

Most exciting? Emoji. “Share your feelings without words with your favorite emoji, as well as a fantastic Warframe exclusive,” writes Digital Extremes. Sounds a lot like fire, fire, fire, fire, hands clap to me.

You can see what Inaros and the new weapons can do for themselves in the trailer above and in the screenshots below. The best way to keep up to date is to follow the official Twitter account. After the update goes live, the development team will be streaming an overview over Twitch.

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