Today everyone has a mobile which is easy to contact and to do various things regarding work and entertainment by mobile. Nowadays online games are very popular like chess, rummy, carom, pub G, or so many games. Rummy is very popular among youth as well as old people. You may play this game anytime, anywhere. Outdoor games want a particular ground and indoor game wants a particular place but the online rummy game doesn’t want space. Because you may play in your with your friend even if they stay far away from you. Some remarkable tips are as follows:

  • Choice of the game: Must choose according to your skill because if you are a new player must choose an easy game and if you are pro in game you may select any game because a strategy of winning must in game. If you  wish to win you play with full of concentration and without doing mistakes, so must choose the right game.
  • Obtain pure sequence:  Pure sequence means three cards in the same color or same suite. Your first step is to obtain a sequence it doesn’t matter if you obtain one you may start to obtain another one because it makes your game more strong if you have more than one.
  • Collection of joker: The first step is obtain one sequence then stay joker with you because it helps you to win and you will give less chance to your opponent to win and always keep in mind if you have more collections of jokers and more chances to win.
  • Be confident when you bluff: If you think game is not in your hand but you never give a chance to judge your opponent and if you see you are going to lose the game, at that time you may bluff. In the game sometimes your opponent feels fear of loss and he quit a game and at that time game will come automatically in your hand and you get a chance to win even game is not in your hand.
  • Judge your opponent: In this game you must judge your opponent which type of card he is picking and which type of the card, he is discarding and always plays with the mind because it is the mind and the tricky game as well as you play you also become smarter.
  • Play till an end: To play this game you must keep patience because if you have Cham to win must play till the end because you don’t know when the game will change and come into your hand.
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This is a mind game that must play with patience and never stick with one card because if you stick with one you may lose a chance of another sequence and sometimes bear losses always play according to your capacity because many people lose their property or money and they have to suffer loss. Must play the game as a game and don’t be greedy about money. You don’t say your monthly income depends upon games because it is a side income or entertainment sort of.

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