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Long War 2’s main focus is a massive overhaul of the strategy layer, providing a significant refresh to the depth and complexity of its activities in the XCOM 2 geographic landscape. But with this complexity comes a variety of new concerns and questions when you start with the extended campaigns of Long War 2. Read on for some tips to familiarize yourself with your greater responsibilities as the world’s most important commander.

# 1 Intelligence is key

It should come as no surprise that the key to getting the ball rolling early in the game is effectively prioritizing your resources, and in this case, intelligence is one of the best things to focus on. When managing your initial Shelter of Resistance, focus all of your initial Rebels on Intel’s work. This accomplishes some important things. For one thing, it gives you the best chance of spotting missions early and often, giving you plenty of opportunities for resources and plenty of time to tackle them. As your troops are weak and inexperienced from the get-go, it’s important to aim for the most generous infiltration times possible to balance that with larger squads.

Even if you want to try stealthy one-man approaches to certain operations, an approach from Intel means that you will detect more missions overall, allowing you to rack up more rewards and resources to speed up XCOM development. When your troops are more experienced and your shelters are better developed, you can afford to start switching some rebels to Supply and Recruitment.

As a bonus, the Intel rebels provide small amounts of Intel resources, important for expanding into new regions. Speaking of …

# 2 Expand your land

In vanilla XCOM 2, you reach out to new regions to reach the black spots, facilities, and goals of ADVENT’s story. In Long War 2, expansion is much more critical to your success, and ignoring it for too long can have dire consequences.

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For one thing, setting up Havens in new regions allows you to start getting Intel’s work there, opening up a whole new area of ​​potential missions that you can detect and infiltrate. Like any good strategy game, that also means it’s critical to boosting your economy; constantly establishing and developing new shelters is important to increasing your supply and Intel revenue, not to mention the plethora of new mission rewards you can benefit from.

Additionally, XCOM activity in any region increases ADVENT’s strength there as they pay attention to the growing resistance movement, making missions in that part of the world have tougher and more numerous enemies. Expanding your global reach allows you to strategically maneuver to focus on exploiting the world’s least defended regions, ensuring you’re not backed into a strategic corner where your only option is to face increasingly tough opposition as ADVENT’s strength grows. of your only region. and higher.

# 3 Go hard and fast, or soft and sneaky

Long War 2’s expanded infiltration mechanic means you’ll be planning the theme of your missions in battle beagle geospace long before your boots hit the ground. It is important to take a good look at the type of mission, the infiltration time and the list of available troops and choose a realistic strategy with an achievable result.
Early in the game, when timed missions are more common, try to beat the rush either with total aggression or stealth at high speed. Large teams with Technicians, Grenadiers, and Assaults excel at fighting their way through contact and maintaining steady progress to achieve goals that are well defended by ADVENT’s opposition. Meanwhile, small squads of shinobi and specialists are perfect for avoiding the enemy completely and shooting attack-based targets from afar.

In either case, tailor your approach to what is available to you. If the mission objective is related to hacking, but you don’t have any specialists, you will have to get close to achieve the objective, making stealth approaches difficult. On the other hand, if you don’t have Technicians or Grenadiers on hand for a more combat-focused approach, it’s easy to get bogged down in a cover-to-cover firefight that bleeds the timer before you can move on and achieve. your goals. When you simply don’t have the tools available for the job, or a mission’s infiltration timer is too short to bring in those key things you depend on, it’s a good time to consider ignoring the mission entirely. Knowing when a mission is fundamentally unwinnable is the difference between simply missing out on a reward and losing an entire squad due to your greed.

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# 4 Don’t feel comfortable

Dally too long and his war of resistance will turn into a loss too quickly; keep your eyes on the prize and focus on strategic objectives from the moment you start your campaign. With your shelters and base developing, keep an eye out for trades that mention ‘leads’ in their rewards; Finding these potential customers is critical to fully liberating the regions in which you operate, which in turn is a crucial part of your campaign to liberate the Earth. . Once you are able to liberate regions, keep your soldiers and technology developing in preparation to take on the most challenging story missions you will discover: train and deck your boys and girls and start sniffing out and mangling the most critical aspects of ADVENT. military installations.

These early in-game tips should get you moving in the right direction for your first Long War 2 campaign, and with some experience and a little luck, you should have everything you need to free Earth from the clutches of ADVENT. . Good luck, as always, the world is counting on you.

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