Tips to Find the Best Flats in Bangalore For Rent

best flat for rent in Bangalore

Are you searching a new flat in Bangalore for rent? If yes, you will be provided some tips to find the best flats available in Bangalore.

Sometimes, renting a house is complicated in the metropolitan cities, where it has both advantages and disadvantages.Bangalore is famous for start-up businesses and IT companies. Where most of the people from other parts of India settle down in Bnagalore for numerous job opportunities.

Bangalore has very nice weather and tourist attraction places to visit. But due to huge population, Bangalore has more traffic problem in the city.

This article discusses on tips and tricks to find the best flat for rent in Bangalore.Before renting the best flats, you need to consider some things,


Bangalore roads have heavy traffic condition. You can’t predict Bangalore’s traffic condition everytime. Sometimes, it takes 2 to 3 hours to reach your particular destination.

You should be accessible  for amenities like water, electricity, gas, hospitals, grocery, gym, school, college, office and transportation facilities near to your house. It’s better to shift your house near to school, college and office.

One of the major problems in Bangalore is shortage of water, try to settle down where you have the access to Cauvery water.

Daily Commute

Bangalore has very good transportational facilities. Karnataka Government’s  Bangalore Metroploitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has offered more Government buses to go from one place to another and covered most parts of the entire city. 

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Bangalore’s metro network has also named namma metro. This city has 2 metro lines named phase 1 and phase2 along with 51 metro stations. The first line travels between Bayappanahalli and Mysore road. The second line travels between Nagasandra and Yelachanahalli.Mostly, these routes cover Whitefield and Electronic City.

Ready with a Budget Plan

Before renting a flat in Bangalore, you should be ready with a budget plan. Your budgeted rent should not exceed above 20% to 25% of your total monthly income. Other than rental expense, you need to pay extra charges like parking and maintenance fees.Cost of living is high in Bangalore. So, you have other expenses to spend and save some amount of money for future purposes.

Amenities and Facilities

You should choose a home where you can avail all services at your doorstep. You already know that Bangalore is a silicon city of India. This city has an excellent functioning of cabs, hotels, restaurants and e-commerce services through online booking apps. Some rental flats in Bangalore has the amenities like lift, swimming pool,gym, supermarket, food products and mini hall inside the flat.

Do Some Proper Examination

You should do proper check about the condition of the house. If there is some mistake, you can correct the problem as soon as possible. Even if you have to paint and clean the house, you should do proper check on every minute details of the flat.

Pay Attention to Website Images

You get most of the rental flats in Bangalore through google ads and paid ads through social media. Sometimes, the landlords uploaded very luxury homes in Bangalore with a very good quality image. In real, sometimes, the home becomes old or it requires more damage too. So, you should listen to website images and not get cheated anymore.

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Upfront Costs

Before shifting to a new house, no one can deny the upfront costs. Without upfront cost, you can’t move to new house in Bangalore.

Upfront costs consist of:

  • Security deposit
  • Broker commission
  • Packing and moving services

Security Deposit

Based on modern tenancy act, every tenant has to pay minimum one to six months of monthly rent as an advance payment. 

Mostly security deposit helps the landlord in the following ways:

  • When a tenant can’t pay the rental amount for a month, landlord can deduct the security deposit amount.
  • If any damage caused, security deposit helps.
  • If you didn’t deduct security deposit, landlord should return back the cash.

Broker Commission Fees

Broker fees or commission fees is the fees you need to pay when you avail services from a broker or a real estate agent. Broker will guide you until you find a new flat for rent.

Packing and Moving Services

Before shifting to a new flat, you definitely need packers and movers services. Packers and movers always help with packing things, sealing things, and transport facility.


Cost of living index in Bangalore is too high. The expenses to spend in Bangalore need more money already. You should do more planning and researching before you take a flat in Bangalore for rent.

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